How To Perform 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV Delete [Full Guide]

Most Ford vehicles owners are familiar with the EBPV on the 7.3 Powerstroke engine, what purpose does it serve, and how it works.

However, many new owners of Ford 7.3 Powerstroke engines are not well aware of what is EBPV. Even wonder why they need to perform EBPV delete or how can it benefit their truck?

If you are one of them, this article will inform you of everything you need to know regarding the 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV delete-

Can You Perform 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV Delete?

Yes, anyone with the basic technical and servicing task expertise can perform EBPV delete on the 7.3 Powerstroke.

However, before explaining the detailed procedures of EBPV delete and other relevant information, let me help the new owners understand the actual meaning and purpose of deleting EBPV.

The exhaust backpressure valve or EBP valve on 7.3 Powerstroke is mainly a Y-shaped valve mounted to the engine’s outlet.

An actuator placed next to the turbo controls the EBPV to minimize or reduce the amount of time your Powerstroke engine takes to reach the operating temperature.

EBPV mainly helps the engine to warm up faster when it is cold. But the whole process often causes oil leaks and actuator failure.

As a result, you require to rebuild or repairing the entire EBPV system to solve it.

But EBPV rebuilding or repairing is quite expensive and takes more time. Also, not all owners would like to deal with that complex, time-consuming and expensive solution.

On the other hand, the easier and most economical solution to prevent those problems is to perform EBPV delete.

Now you may wonder, what is that?

Well, running EBPV delete on your 7.3 Powerstroke means first you pull the turbo and pedestal.

Then, either drill or grind off the 2 rivets, which hold the EBPV butterfly to the shaft, and finally eliminate the entire thing out.

How To Perform 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV Delete?

There are basically three easy and less time-consuming methods of performing the EBPV delete on 7.3 Powerstroke. So, you can follow any of the following methods-

First Method:

This method is considered as the “correct”, or “most thorough” for deleting the EBPV where all you need to do is simply purchase a non-EBPV turbocharger pedestal and a non-EBPV turbine outlet.

But make sure both of them are manufactured by Garrett, manufacturer of all Ford 7.3L Power Stroke diesel OEM turbochargers.

For the part numbers reference, check the below table-

Model Or Version (Year)Non-EBPV Turbine OutletNone-EBPV Turbo charger Pedestal
1994.5 – 1999 (Early)Garrett 448179-0005Garrett 448486-0004
1999.5 (Late)- 2003Garrett 451274-0005Garrett 702670-0002

Second Method:

If the previous method seems a little costly to you, then you may find this one a very inexpensive option.

All you have to do is first remove the valve, then gut it, and disconnect the EBP regulator. After that, remove the butterfly valve and use freeze plugs or a similar piece of hardware to plug the holes. Finally, reinstall it.

Although detaching the EBP regulator holds the piston on the actuator in the withdrawn position, this method may also arise two common problems.

According to the Ford experts, this method will throw a soft DTC. Also, after you complete the whole process, the actuator and regulator will still have the possibility to develop oil leaks from time to time.

Third Method:

The last method will require a non-EBP valve turbine outlet. First, remove the entire EBPV. After that, keep the factory EBPV turbocharger pedestal and simultaneously replace your existing EBPV with the non-EBPV turbine outlet.

This method reduces the restriction, but remember, the actuator and regulator will still have leakage possibilities in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Deleting EBPV On 7.3 Powerstroke?    

Often people argue about the unnecessity of performing EBPV delete on 7.3 Powerstroke, so let’s have a brief idea of some prime benefits that are associated with the deletion of the EBPV listed below:

  • When you perform EBPV delete or remove it, it will reduce the turbocharger lag as well as improve the performance characteristics. As a result, you will notice a significant increase in turbocharger efficiency and engine performance.
  • EBP valve deletion ensures maximum exhaust flow and consequently maximizes the gains from exhaust & turbo mods.
  • It also lowers the exhaust gas temperatures and enhances the engine performance.
  • The EBPV regulator and actuator are expensive to rebuild or repair, but deletion of EBPV is way more cost-effective and less troublesome.
  • Since the EBPV regulator and actuator are prone to oil leaks and not easily accessible. The only easy inexpensive solution is servicing them with the turbocharger removed.

What Are the Drawbacks or Problems of EBPV Delete On 7.3 Powerstroke?

Before you finally decide on deleting or removing the EBPV, let me remind you that there are certain shortcomings after you do that. So, be sure that you are making your decision after mulling over all the possible drawbacks-

  • After you perform EBPV delete on your Ford 7.3 Powerstroke engine, your engine will lose the warming up feature, and it will require more time than before to reach operating temperature.
    It may not be a serious or major concerning issue for people living in warmer climate areas. But it is definitely a concerning issue during extremely cold environments. Even people who live in colder climate areas will also get a hard time starting the engine.
  • Another negative impact of deleting EBPV is that your engine will necessarily start to produce a huge number of emissions to reach the exact operating temperature.
    Many people may think it is not a huge fact to be worried about. But during times like the emissions test, when you need your EBPV fully functional because it is also considered the emissions control device, this increased amount of extreme emissions can cause you to fail in the emission test.

What Is The Best EBPV Delete Kit For 7.3 Powerstroke?

Let’s have a glance at the best EBPV delete kit that you can try on your 7.3 Powerstroke to perform the deletion task-

  • GXP Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit
  • JDMSPEED Pipe up Kit
  • Blackhorseracing non-EBPV kit
  • Orion Motor Tech Exhaust Manifold Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit

Final Thoughts

For those Ford 7.3 Powerstroke owners who are constantly seeking an inexpensive and easy way to deal with engine power loss, performance drop, EBPV, and actuator leak, EBPV delete will be the ultimate solution. Also, all the new Ford owners and users who were confused about how EBPV works and why EBPV delete can benefit them, I hope, this article was informative enough to clear all the confusion.

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