Diehard vs. Duralast Car-Battery: Which One Is Better?

Car-Battery is a vital part in modern-day cars. To cope with modern technologies, the quality of car-batteries has evolved. Now, there are so many well-renowned car batteries available in the market.

It is not a piece of cake to choose a suitable car battery from the stockpile of so many options. The decision is more difficult to make when we have to choose between Diehard and Duralast car batteries.

These two best-seller battery series are manufactured by the same company, AutoZone. Yet, we are here to compare Diehard vs. Duralast battery to help find the suitable choice for you.

Diehard vs. Duralast – Comparison Chart

Diehard and Duralast, both batteries are well-renowned all over the world. These batteries are famous for their excellent performances and durability. For this reason, you do not necessarily need to choose between the two. These batteries are both reliable and share identical features.

There are a handful of models available for Diehard and Duralast batteries. Here we will pick Diehard Platinum and Duralast Platinum batteries to form a comparison chart so that you can get a quick glimpse of them.

Model: Diehard PlatinumModel: Duralast Platinum
Diehard Platinum holds a battery voltage of 12 VDC.Duralast Platinum has the same battery voltage as Diehard, 12 VDC.
This battery has a left side positive terminal location.Duralast also has a left side positive terminal location.
Diehard has a reserve capacity of 115 minutes.As for the reserve capacity, Duralast has got the upper hand with 120 minutes of reserve capacity.
Diehard provides Cranking Amps of 1000 A.Duralast offers Cranking Amps of 885 A.
Like the Cranking Amps, Diehard offers more Cold Cranking Amps than Duralast, 900 A.Duralast provides Cold Cranking Amps of 710 A.
Diehard Platinum offers 2 years of replacement warranty. Duralast Platinum also provides 2 years of replacement warranty.   
This battery is suitable for using in any weather condition. Duralast Platinum is compatible enough to use in any weather condition.  

Difference Between Diehard and Duralast – Key Features Comparison

In terms of performance and durability, both Diehard and Duralast batteries are proven in the market. They are so well-known because they provide the best value for money. After studying the comparison chart, we already have a glimpse of Diehard and Duralast batteries. Let’s move on to an in-detail comparison of the key features of these two batteries.

Battery Types

Before choosing a suitable one, you must know about battery types. The types of battery are Flooded-Acid battery and AGM battery.

In a Flooded-Acid battery, the chemical components float around inside the battery. This battery is less efficient than the AGM battery. Flooded-Acid batteries are used for the cars of older versions.

In an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, the chemical components do not float around inside the battery. Instead, they are kept in glass mats. AGM batteries are more efficient and more powerful. We use these batteries for the cars having modern features.

Now, both the Diehard and Duralast produce these two types of battery. If you own a modern-day car that requires more electrical power to run the features smoothly, you must go for the AGM type. Otherwise, you can go for the Flood-Acid battery.


Car batteries are costly. It is not something we buy regularly. So, you must choose the battery that provides the utmost longevity.

There is nothing to choose between Diehard and Duralast batteries in terms of durability. Both of the batteries offer 2 years of replacement warranty. 

Moreover, you can get good battery-performance up to 3-5 years. The durability and performance of any battery largely depend on the maintenance. Try to keep the batteries in good conditions to get the best out of them.

Cranking and Cold Cranking Amps

Cranking or Cold Cranking is the battery power that is measured in Amps. It refers to the amount of Amps of a battery available for half a minute at 0°F. To put it simply, the more the Cranking or Cold Cranking Amps, the better the battery performs.

In cold weather, batteries do not function quickly. It takes time to start-up. To avoid this problem, we need batteries having a higher Cold Cranking Amps. 

The Platinum models of Diehard and Duralast batteries offer 1000 and 885 Cranking Amps, respectively. Likewise, they offer 900 and 710 Cold Cranking Amps, respectively.

So, in terms of CCA, the Diehard battery is getting an advantage. Though both of the batteries will perform alright in any weather condition, we recommend you to go for the Diehard, particularly if you reside in a snowy-cold region.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity does not mean the amount of charge a battery can reserve. It refers to the number of sustainable minutes of a battery based on a given load. 

As we saw earlier, the Duralast battery provides 120 minutes of reserve capacity. It means that the battery can sustain a given load for 120 minutes.

The Duralast Platinum has a slight advantage in terms of reserve capacity. Because the Diehard Platinum offers 115 minutes of reserve capacity. If reserve capacity is the feature you are looking for, then Duralast is the one to choose.


Battery Voltage is an important thing to consider before purchasing car batteries. For a modern-day car, we require a battery voltage of 12 VDC. Battery voltage lower than 12 VDC is not suitable for cars having modern technologies.

Both Diehard and Duralast Platinum batteries offer the voltage of 12 VDC. So, battery voltage is not a concern for purchasing either one.

Replacement Warranty

It is a wise idea to check for a return policy or replacement warranty before purchasing any product. Car batteries are no exception.

For the Diehard or Duralast, you do not need to worry about replacement warranty or a return policy. These batteries are so well-renowned because they are utmost reliable.

Nonetheless, both of these batteries offer various replacement warranty periods.

Diehard vs. Duralast – Drawbacks

Diehard and Duralast batteries are among the best available in the market. Unsurprisingly, there are not many drawbacks to talk about.

Drawbacks of the Diehard 

  • Battery Voltage of 12 VDC is not the best in the market.
  • The battery discharge rate is slightly higher for some models.

Drawbacks of the Duralast

  • Some models have lower Cold Cranking Amps, not suitable for using in extreme cold weather.
  • Battery Voltage of 12 VDC is not the best in the market.

Diehard Or Duralast – Which One to Purchase?

We know that both the Diehard and Duralast are manufactured by the same company, AutoZone. They are significant in the world of car-batteries for their performance and reliability. So, merely the name Diehard or Duralast is convincing enough to inspire a customer to take the cart in hand.

Nevertheless, it is you who can better understand the necessity of your car. If you are using an older car, then a Flooded-Acid Battery will be suitable enough. Otherwise, you should go for the AGM battery.

We discussed above that the Diehard batteries produce more Cold Cranking Amps compared to the Duralast. So, if you reside in extreme-cold weather, the Diehard battery can give you a better experience.

One the other hand, Duralast are winning in terms of reserve capacity by a narrow margin. For the voltage, warranty, and pricing, there are not many differences to talk about.