Most Common Problems With Polaris Ranger XP 700

The Polaris Ranger XP 700 standouts from the crowd of 4 x 4 off-road utility vehicles. This was one of the first ATVs that came with an Electronic Fuel Injection so that riders could start it quickly even in high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

A liquid-cooled Polaris 700twin-cylinder EFI engine powers this ATV pretty well. It can produce a maximum of 40 horsepower that is allowed by the government of the U.S. Along with a 1750 lbs towing capacity and 50 mph max speed, the Ranger XP takes the off-road utility experience to the next level.

However, there are some common problems with Polaris Ranger XP 700 that we will exhibit in this article.     

Common Problems With Polaris Ranger XP 700:

There is no doubt that the Polaris Ranger XP 700 is a great machine. But even the greatest machines have some problems, it’s just the nature of technology. 

It Won’t Run

Perhaps, this issue is not only common for Polaris Ranger XP 700 but also for most ATVs. A lot of users have reported this issue. So, if you are facing such an issue, don’t think you are alone. After using the ATV for a couple of months, it will quit running. This is the most common sign of this problem.

A lot of people who have faced this issue took their Rangers back to the dealer. They said the ATV ran fine at first when the dealer changed the fuel tank and pump. But it got back to its old condition after some days of use. Therefore, figuring the exact reason for this problem can be challenging.

Some say, neither the fuel tank nor the pump is responsible for this issue. Instead, a defective TPS sensor is causing this. The best solution would be to take your Ranger to various mechanics when this issue keeps coming back.     

Fuel Pump Problem

People working in service and performance shops say the fuel pump is one of the main problems of the Polaris Ranger XP 700. When you notice a poor upper RPM performance, that is the symptom that the fuel pump is failing. Along with this, you will also experience poor acceleration and a loss in gaining top speed.

That’s not all, the fuel pump issue can play a vital role in damaging the engine by not supplying enough fuel. Worst case scenario, there might be holes melted in the engine pistons due to intense heat. To diagnose this issue, install a fuel pressure gauge at your tank outlet. And the solution to this problem would be replacing the default fuel pump with an OEM fuel pump. This can cost you around $600.       

Spits At Speed

This problem is quite common when the engine is not performing well or when you start the ATV after a long time. When you start the ATV, it will run but not like usual. Also, it will backfire from time to time and it will split oil when you try to speed up.

This problem can be quite bothersome as your Ranger will keep on spitting at speed or die sitting idle. So, it’s like a dilemma. You should check the fuel pump, oil tank, or TPS sensor to identify the exact reason. Also, if you have spare parts, try replacing each of these parts one by one. If it doesn’t work, take your ATV to a service shop.    

Sensor Harness Problem

This is another problem of Polaris Ranger 700 XP that is hard to identify. The symptoms of this issue are when the machine frequently starves for fuel after running for about 10 to 20 minutes only. Also, the machine will act like this after it is warmed up.

Also, the engine may die after running for a couple of miles and you may have to push the gas pedal hard to restart it. If your Polaris Ranger 700 XP is showing these symptoms, then it is affected by the sensor harness problem.

You can take opinions from the Polaris experts to identify the issue. Most of the time, a wire harness or a short in the Tbap connector is the main culprit of this issue.  You may have to replace the harness connector and pigtail to solve the issue. But the solution is not 100% guaranteed.      

It Is Massive

Thus, this is the least of all problems of the Polaris Ranger XP 700. Undoubtedly, the Polaris Ranger 700 XP is a big ATV. Although it is about the same size as the Prowler, it is a lot bigger than an RZR or Rhino. 

The exact dimension of the Polaris Ranger XP 700 is – 113″ (Long) x 60″ (Wide) x 75″ (Tall). Hence, a bigger size means more weight. And more weight means less speed. So, this issue is indirectly reducing the speed of the vehicle. The total weight of this ATV is 1185 lbs. 

This ATV is particularly designed for more relaxing trail rides. It feels more at home on the farm or hunting than at the hills. 

Pros and Cons of the Polaris Ranger 700 XP

Aside from discussing the general problems of the Polaris Ranger 700 XP, we will highlight the positive and negative aspects of it.


  • It starts quickly with an Electronic Fuel Injection. 
  • A 76-inch wheelbase can adjust most wheels.
  • It comes with the automatic PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission). 
  • The front MacPherson suspension is just great for travel.  
  • The large carry bed at the back can withstand up to 1000 lbs of weight.
  • The engine is liquid-cooled which is better than air-cooled engines.
  • Allows to seat 3 persons.


  • This ATV is comparatively heavier than other ATVs.
  • It can’t be considered as a “side-by-side” exactly. 
  • Some may not like its massive size.
  • Sometimes, excessive heat comes underneath the seat.
  • Hard to identify when there is a problem in the sensor harness.

Quote Reviews:

It seems the Polaris Ranger XP 700 is liked by older people more than the younger generation. Young riders like their ATVs to be more sporty, producing enough horsepower to hit the trails harder. That being said, older people like to take their ATVs for a relaxing ride and for household use. 

One user bought a Polaris Ranger XP 700 for his wife who is 61 years old. He said – 

“I bought my wife a new 700cc Ranger crew cab side-by-side from a local dealer in March. She loves (loved, as in past tense) it, taking her relatives for trail rides. It’s her toy and relaxation while I’m out of town at work. “

Another user bought a Polaris Ranger XP 700 back in 2007 and he has covered an extensive amount of miles with it. He is satisfied and said –  

“I bought my XP 700 in July 2007 and have 772 hours and 7800 miles on it… I haven’t had any big problems with it and have been very satisfied with it.”

Again, there are some negative reviews as well. One user likes his Ranger XP 700 except for the heat under the seat. In his words – 

“I have a 09 700xp and I like it except for the heat under the seat.”

Another user rode his Ranger XP 700 for about 9200 miles. The ATV was showing some problems at this point. He was angry at the same time confused about the problem as it was so hard to identify. He reported – 

“After running for about 10-20 minutes the machine acts like it is starving itself for fuel. It does this only after the machine has warmed up.”


This has brought us to the end of today’s discussion. There is no doubt that most people like the Polaris Ranger XP 700 despite having some problems. This is a durable and long-lasting ATV out there in the market. Yes, we might have included some common problems with the Polaris Ranger XP 700. But trust us, you won’t regret buying one, especially the latest model. The latest model of the Polaris Ranger XP 700 may be protected from these problems.

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