Centric vs Powerstop Brakes – What Are The Differences?

Both Centric and Powerstop produce high-quality brake pads and have a range of products with different design philosophies that target different driving needs. So essentially, there will be some differences between their brake pads.

The core difference between their brakes lies in their purpose, and many other criteria. Whereas the Powerstop brake is designed to provide high performance and an extended lifespan, the Centric brake is mostly for regular driving and is designed to balance pressure evenly. 

In addition, Powerstop offers expensive brake pads that produce more noise but less dust. Centric is cheaper and delivers quieter driving experiences. Let’s explore more details!

Centric vs Powerstop brakes : Comparison Table

Let’s start with a simple comparison table. Since both brands have a range of products that meet different driving needs, in many aspects, they are different. Here are some common differences between them

CriteriaCentric Powerstop
Braking Performance Preferable for regular driving High performance and heavy duty use
Stopping power LessMore
Noise Levelless more
Durability and longevity Less More 
Price Cheaper Expensive 
Dust CollectionMore less

Difference Between centric and Powerstop brakes

When it comes to choosing one, many things need to be taken into account, and you need more detailed description. So here we will describe the differences in detail. 

Who offers Superior braking performance

Both Powerstop and Centric have a range of products that meet the specific needs and preferences of individuals. 

Regarding braking performance, Powerstop pads are designed for high-performance driving and heavy-duty use. The high-quality material used in these pads contributes to their performance.

Conversely, Centric brake pads are suitable for regular driving and light track use. so they are  designed to be quiet and offer less noise and vibration

Stopping power

Regarding performance and stopping power, customers have experienced Powerstop brakes that best suit drivers who want the ultimate stopping power and performance on rough roads and in high-temperature conditions.

On the other hand, users have varying experiences and opinions on centric brakes, but overall, Centric brakes are for those looking for a smooth driving experience and durability at a lower cost.

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Who makes less noisy brake pads?

Brake pads from both brands are designed to reduce noise and vibration. However, according to many users, a centric brake pad is recognized for delivering a more noise-free brake pad than do powertop.

For example, the C-TEK 103 and 301 from Ceramic Brake Pads offer less noise and vibration than stock pads. These brake pads are premium ceramic brake pads that are shimmed to eliminate noise and vibration.

Long lasting

Both are designed to last longer. Whereas powerstop brakes are made of steel with heat-treated nickel plating, which provides an extended lifespan and improved stopping power. They also help to prevent rust and corrosion.

On the other hand, Centric brake rotors are made from cast iron, which also ensures the durability of the brake pad. Double disc functionality and c take line reduce wear and tear and provide protection from rust.

All in all, while both offer optimum performance, powerstop might be considered more durable than centric due to carbon fiber ceramic,

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Dust Collection 

In terms of dust collection, this comparison is a bit tricky. Some brake pads from Centric offer brake pad options that are designed to be quiet and produce less dust. 


Due to their heavy-duty nature, Powerstop brakes are generally more expensive than Centric brakes. It may be the parts that cost more. Centric, on the other hand, offers brake pads at reasonable prices. 

So, considering the vehicle type and the specific brake kit or components, Powerstop brakes tend to be pricier than Centric brakes. 

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Some Popular Powerstop brake pads 

In the range of products that powerstop offers, each has a unique purpose. So you must choose one that suits your preferences and needs. 

Name Unique Features 
Z16 Clean Ride Ceramic PadsNoise Free
Z17 Clean Ride Ceramic PadsAlmost similar to Z16,but come with hardware
Z23 Evolution Sport Brake PadsThese brake pads are designed for daily drivers
Z26 Street Warrior Brake PadsFor muscle cars and high-performance vehicles
Z36 Severe Duty Carbon Fiber Infused Ceramic Truck & Tow PadsThese brake pads are designed for trucks and 4x4s that tow, haul, or off-road.

Some Popular centric Brake Pads

Same here, In the range of products that centric offers, each has a unique purpose. So you must choose one that suits your preferences and needs. 

Name Unique Features
Posi Quiet Premium Ceramic Brake Padfor proper fitment and reduced noise and vibration
Posi-Quiet 105 Ceramic Brake PadsFor low dust production and cleaner wheel
Centric Disc Brake Pad SetConsistent Performance
Centric 300 Premium Semi-Metallic Brake PadsPrecision cut and perfect fit
Centric 105.16940 Posi Quiet Premium Ceramic Brake Pad with HardwareEnsures proper fitment in the caliper and reduces noise and vibration

Centric or Powerstop brake: What Should Be Your Choice?

So, it all comes down to answering the most complicated question: Which brake pad should you use? However, the answer is not that complicated if you ask yourself the more logical question: which brake pad suits your needs or preference and driving style?

For example, Centric brake rotors may not be suited to extreme driving conditions, but power does. However, Powerstop brakes are generally more expensive than Centric brakes. That, of course, is justified by the improved performance and extended lifespan of Powerstop brakes.

Finally, it is important that you do further analysis, consult with an expert, and, most importantly, hear from real consumers when you try a specific product from any brand.

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We have tried our best to answer many relevant questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

What are the similarities between Centric and Powerstop brakes?

The Centric and Powerstop brakes both produce high-quality brake pads and rotors and use cast iron to make their brake rotors. In addition, both brands offer a range of products and warranties for their products.

What are some of the Cons of brake pads from both of these Brands?

Powerstop brakes are generally more expensive, and installation of this brake pad requires experience. The major cons of centric is that it is not suited for extreme driving conditions.

How many miles will the Powerstop brake pad last?

According to the manufacturer, the brake pads from Powerstroke will last up to 50,000 miles.  It offers a 3-year, 36,000-mile guaranteed warranty. So you can expect it to last for at least 40,000.

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