Centric GCX vs Premium Brakes: An In-Depth Comparison

Centric GCX and Premium rotors offer excellent performance and durability. When it comes to choosing one from the two, you need to consider their differences and similarities.

The main difference between GCX and Premium is in their coatings. GCX rotors have a corrosion-resistant RS200 protective coating that covers almost 98% of the surface of the rotor. On the other hand, Premium rotors have a black E-coating on them.

Besides these, these two rotors have some other differences and similarities. Keep reading to know more and decide the best-performing brake for your vehicle.

Centric GCX vs Premium Brakes: Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick look at the following comparison table before deciding on the brake rotor for your vehicle:

AspectCentric GCXCentric Premium
CoatingCorrosion resistance RS200 Zinc-Aluminum coatingElectro-coating
Braking performanceGood braking capabilityExcellent braking performance
ModulationSmooth and consistentSmooth and consistent
Brake pad materialCeramic and semi-metallicCeramic, metallic
Heat and fade resistanceHigh heat and fade resistanceHigher heat resistance capability
Wet weather performanceGeomet coating provides good prevention against rust and improves water sheddingE-coat provides better shedding against water
Noise and vibrationLow noise and vibrationLower noise and vibration
CompatibilityFits with almost every vehicleFits with most vehicles
Durability and lifespanDurableDurability is better than GCX
installationEasy installationEasy installation
PriceLower than the premiumHigher than the GCX

Difference Between Centric GCX and Premium Brakes

From the above comparison table, you can understand that there are some definite differences between Centric GCX and Premium. Now, let’s discuss the aspects in detail:

Difference in Coating

Centric GCX and Premium have different coating technologies that impact their performance.

As we said before, Centric GCX rotors have a full RS200 Zinc-Aluminum coating, covering almost 98% of the rotor surface. The Zinc-Aluminum coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance and helps to prevent rust.

On the other hand, the Premium rotors have a black E-coating or Electro-coating, which is a water-based coating. This coating also protects the rotor from rust and corrosion and covers the cooling vanes.

So, Centric Premium has the most coverage with its coating, offering more protection than the GCX coating.  

Braking Performance

Regarding the braking performance of Centric Premium, it provides original equipment specifications (OEM) that help the ceramic brake pads perform smoothly and strongly.

The corrosion resistance capability of Centric GCX affects the braking performance over time and keeps it at an optimal level. The optimal surface finish, OE vane design, and plate thickness ensure confident and strong braking.

So, the difference in braking performance seems very minimal between Centric GCX and Premium.


Modulation means the ability of a braking system to shift smoothly from a light brake to a hard brake. With a good modulation system, you can control your speed accurately, and your wheels won’t lock.

Both Centric GCX and Premium rotors offer smooth and consistent shifting or modulation, as they have disc thickness variations. But, in order to have good modulation, they have to pair with suitable brake pads, like ceramic or semi-metallic.

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Brake Pad Material Compatibility

Centric GCX is compatible with OE semi-metallic pads, and it’s also partially coated for semi-metallic pads. However, the GCX brake pads are made from carbon-enhanced G11H18 metallurgy.

On the other side, Centric Premium is compatible with ceramic brake pads and stainless steel hardware where it is applicable.

Heat and Fade Resistance

Enhanced carbon metallurgy and RS200 corrosion protection is the technology used to build the Centric GCX rotor. This advanced technology has ensured optimal heat transfer capability and immense strength in GCX rotors that also prevents fading.

On the other side, Centric Premium is built with a perfect mixture of molybdenum, chromium, and carbon. This outstanding blend can dissipate heat efficiently and prevent the rotor from fading or cracking.

So, GCX and Premium both are built with advanced materials that have good heat and fade resistance.

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Wet Weather Performance

If you live in such a place where the climate is cold or water, rain, and snow are normal, the Centric Premium brake rotor could be the best choice. The E-coating on the rotor stops the wetness from creating rust and stops from lowering its performance.

Centric GCX rotors have Geomet coating on them that also protects them from rust by providing a good shedding. 

Noise and Vibration

Centric GCX and Premium both can reduce noise and eliminate vibration when you apply brakes with them. These rotors have thick discs and their mill balance is so precise. These factors ensure noise-free, smooth, and vibration-free braking.

Compatibility with Vehicles

When it comes to compatibility with different vehicles, you can adjust the Centric GCX and Premium with a wide range of vehicles. To check your vehicle’s compatibility with any of these rotors, you can consult a mechanic.

Durability and Lifespan

Centric Premium is well known for its durability and its usability in all types of terrains. Its built materials ensure heat, weather, and corrosion resistance. Many of its users have confirmed the fact in their reviews. 

Centric GCX is also durable, and the advanced carbon metallurgy and 98% coating coverage ensure its longer lifespan.


When we install a brake rotor, we need to clean the rotor and degrease it. It takes some time and effort to do this. But the good thing is, Centric GCX and Premium brake rotors have coatings over them, so they are ready to install right after unboxing. It will save some time and effort for sure.


Centric Premium rotors are generally more expensive than GCX rotors. However, the prices may vary depending on the size and model of the vehicle.

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Similarities between Centric GCX And Premium Brakes

Although there are some differences between Centric GCX and Premium, there are also some similarities. Here they are:

  • Both GCX and Premium are manufactured by Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies.
  • Excellent braking performance.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Non-friction surface and lower runout. 
  • GCX and Premium both rotors have mill-balanced edges that reduce noise and eliminate vibration.
  • They have application-specific vane configuration.

Centric GCX Or Premium Brake: What Should Be Your Choice?

Your personal preferences and driving condition are the two most important factors to decide between Centric GCX and Premium brake rotors. From the above comparison it’s clear that they have excellent braking performance, maximum durability, and protection against rust and corrosion.

However, it’s suggested to go for the Centric Premium brake rotor. The E-coating over the Centric Premium rotor covers the rotor surface completely, including the cooling vanes.

More coverage means more protection and increased durability. The engineers have collected several brake performance data and used them to develop the Premium rotors, which is also a reason to go for the premium rotors. 


Centric GCX and Premium both are high-performing and durable rotors and deciding either of them is quite a tough decision and may leave you with some queries. Go through the following FAQ section for further queries:

What are the advantages of high carbon rotors like Centric GCX and Premium?

Rotors with high carbon have a very low possibility of cracking and the noise is pretty low although the friction and heat are pretty high. Most importantly it improves the breaking strength.

What should you do to maintain your Centric GCX and Premium brake rotors?

Regular inspection is the best way to keep your brake rotors in good shape and well maintained. If you see anything unusual, you must do maintenance work. You should also check the surface, thickness, and alignment of the rotor.

What can damage your Centric GCX or Premium rotors?

Wear and tear are the main reasons for damaging your Centric GCX and Premium rotors. These can happen when you do rough driving or over time. The strong carbon metallurgy of GCX and Premium rotors can withstand wear and tear.

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