Which C7 Corvette Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

C7 Corvette is considered a supercar by many people. From the exclusive design to outstanding performance you will get everything in C7. 

The C7 Corvette is also a great value for the money. The market price of a new one is not expensive compared to its competitors. Not only that, the old C7 resell value is very high.

However, there are some years of C7 that you should avoid due to various issues related to them. In this article, I will tell you about the best and the worst years of the C7 Corvette.

C7 Corvette Years to Avoid (List of Years)

C7 Corvette series is quite new to the market than its competitors and yet it made a great impression on car lovers. This series has only 6 models coming out in 6 different years. And three of them are not worth buying.

Here is the list of those years that you should avoid:

  • 2015 C7 Corvette
  • 2016 C7 Corvette
  • 2017 C7 Corvette

All of these models have one big issue and that is the transmission is not good enough. These cars also have some serious problems with the engine. There are some other issues with the cooling system, bad tires, faulty interior accessories as well.

Worst Years of C7 Corvette: 

The C7 Corvette 2015 and 2016 models are the worst among the 3 bad years. They have lots of problems as the beginning models and there are lots of other issues that you may face if you buy these two cars.

What Makes These C7 Corvette Years Worth Avoiding?

There are many underlying reasons why you should avoid these years. People who have used this car have reported several problems. Here are the reasons for not buying them-

2015 C7 Corvette Problems: 

The major issue of the C7 2015 model is transmission-related problems. Various problems occur due to the transmission malfunction.

One of them is the vibration problem. Many Corvette users have expressed dissatisfaction with the ride. It becomes quite rough while driving. And when you are driving at high speed or even at the medium speed it feels so rough.

There were reports about heavy shaking while driving the C7 2015 model. Some people said that they had to stop the car due to the shaking. They have also mentioned, that this problem can be fixed with transmission fluid changing.

Another problem that many users have complained about is overheating. If it is hot outside and it’s overheating, it can cause damage to different components of the car. Sometimes it can force the car to go into factory reset mode and clean all personalized data.

Problem with rough and difficult shifting is caused by transmission problems. Sometimes drivers felt it quite hard to shift the gear and some of them said they could not even change the gear as they needed. This malfunction can be quite dangerous when you are driving on the road.

Other than these issues, there were reports about computer malfunctions. However, there were very reports on this one. 

With all these problems in this car, it is better to avoid them.

2016 C7 Corvette Problems: 

The newer version of the 2015 C7 could not make things right. It comes with several problems in the engine section and also the transmission and body integrity issues.

The engine breaks down sometimes and stops working. Users mentioned that there was grinding or whining noise coming out of the engine making it an undesirable car. Overheating issues were found in some cases.

The C7 2016 inherited the transmission problem from its predecessor. From hard shifts to rough driving many reports were made on this.

Although very few reported the electric system failure, fuel system malfunctions, and exhaust issues, these problems can be quite annoying to deal with from time to time. 

However, not everyone faced these problems in C7 2016 model. Some people were quite satisfied with the car. 

But it is always better to avoid something that can pose a problem or have the potential of having these issues.

2017 C7 Corvette Problems: 

Corvette C7 2017 does not have many problems to report but some people have faced a range of problems.

Some users did not like the sound of the tires squeaking. It became quite annoying for them. 

The materials used in the car are not worth the money. The competitors of this car have put better materials than C7 2017. Typical driving conditions cause bending and cracking because of the material used in the car. 

Now the major problem with this model, like the previous one, is the transmission issue.

It has cooling system difficulties. Sometimes the car runs very rough and rattled roof can cause a problem. 

Interior quality is not top-notch as it should be. There are better interiors in C7’s other models. Which was a big letdown.

There is a better model of C7 which won’t cost you much but you will get a better car. That’s why you should avoid it.

Which C7 Corvette Years are Safe to Buy?

Now, let’s check the years of Corvette C7 that are really good. All the remaining three models are great for buying. And customer satisfaction is also top-rated.

2014 Corvette C7: 

Corvette C7 is the first of its kind and it has picked everyone’s attention as a supercar model. The outer look has mesmerized many car lovers and critics. 

Not only the looks and design, but the car also comes with a very powerful engine. It is a 6.2 L LT1 V8 6.2 L LT4 supercharged V8 (Z06) which can power the car and run it very fast. It also works efficiently and reduces the use of fuel. 

It has good space inside for a comfortable drive. The seats are so good and you won’t feel bad or tired driving for hours in this one. 

The interior of C7 2014 is also great. With top-quality material used in the interior. There are lots of techs used in this supercar to make it more flexible for the driver.

2018 Corvette C7:

With carbon fiber body material and an elegant look, the C7 2018 took everyone by surprise! It has a 6.2L V8 Engine (455hp & 460lb-ft torque) powering up the car for an excellent run. It has a dual exhaust for more power. 

Aluminum wheels for fast and strong driving. It comes with Carbon-Fiber removable rood panel. It has nice seats for a more comfortable ride.

There are no questions in the interior section. It is filled with all-new techs and everything you need in a sports-type car. It has Bluetooth, OnStar & OnStar 4G LTE w/built-in WiFi!

If you have the money, just go for it!

2019 Corvette C7:

The Corvette C7 competes with top-tier cars in the world. It has a roaring 455-hp V-8 engine beneath the hood, which is paired with a great transmission that can be used in both ways.

It has a smooth transmission for fast driving. The steering can be moved without any delay. The movement of the car is top-notch.

It comes with astonishing colors and sleek build quality. Carbon fiber for the body makes it premium and durable. 

It has a modern look for buyers all around. It is also a great car for long drives and smooth driving without getting into trouble with any kind of technical issues. It is definitely a great buy.


If you want the American Supercar, Corvette C7 is one of the best picks. It can give you the feel of a luxury car with its premium features. Not many cars have such good engines and exclusive design. 

But it is better to avoid the worst years of C7 to keep yourself trouble-free. Buy one of the above-mentioned three models (2014, 2018, 2019) for an excellent driving experience. 

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