Brembo Vs. Wilwood Brakes: A Comprehensive Guide

The poor outcome from the existing brakes raises the need for brake kit replacement, which the aftermarket brakes can mitigate. Brembo and Willwood are top aftermarket brake kit brands, but what sets them apart?

The core differences between them lie in pricing, and usage suitability. You’ll find Wilwood at a way cheaper price than Brembo. On the other hand, Brembo comes with a warranty and is suited to high-performance luxury-class vehicles.

That said, before choosing either of them, you need to make some critical considerations. We’ll be discussing all these in the sections below.

Brembo vs. Wilwood Brakes: Comparison Table

After our thorough comparison between Brembo and Wilwood brake kits, we found aspects that were both differentiating and identical. The table below will give you a proper view:

Rotor StyleDrilled, SlottedDrilled, Slotted, Drilled and Slotted
Build MaterialAluminumSteel and Aluminium
Vehicle CompatibilitySports cars and other high-performance vehiclesRegular and Heavy duty vehicles
Warranty 2 yearsNo Warranty
Pricing HighLow
Caliper DesignFocus on AestheticsFocus on Functionality
InstallationProfessionals needed in most casesUser-Friendly

Difference Between Brembo And Wilwood Brakes

Among all the aftermarket brake brands, Brembo and Wilwood occupy a significant market share and are consumer favorites. 

However, several core differences make these two brake kits suitable for different needs. The following core aspects set these two brake kits apart:

Performance Output


Between the Brembo and Wilwood brake kits, Brembo kits offer a superior output level. In most cases, the offering of these brake types may have been different. But when we measured the similar offerings, Brembo Kits were way better.

Brembo brakes tend to offer more stopping power than Wilwood brakes. Especially, on sports and supercars, Wilwood brakes are far from good in terms of output. In comparison to Wilwood, Brembo brakes fare well when driving aggressively.

Also, Brembo brakes have softer pads that are easier on rotors. Eventually, this trait will make it a top option over the Wilwood brakes when performance is a parameter. 


Given the difference in certain traits, the vehicle compatibility of Brembo and Wilwood brakes can be differentiated. The Brembo brake kits are more suited to high-performance vehicles, primarily sports cars and supercars.

These brakes have considerably enhanced stopping power and fade resistance capabilities. Also, the aluminum material in these brakes with carbon composite elements helps reduce the vehicle’s unsprung weight.

On the other hand, Wilwood brakes are all-track brakes suited for most vehicles out there. You can use this brake kit on your motorcycle, car, SUV, or agricultural vehicle. 


Regarding having a customizable braking solution, Wilwood brake kits win hands down. With these brakes, you’ll have several options for caliper color, rotor design, and brake pad compound. 

You will always be free to build a brake system in your car according to your driving needs. It offers multiple rotor size options and caliper colors. Most importantly, these customizations work for most vehicles with compatible Brembo brakes.

For the Brembo brakes, aesthetic consistency is critical. Since these brakes are most suited to luxury vehicles, limited caliper colors and rotor sizes are available. It is primarily for maintaining uniformity in appearance.

In addition, the Brembo brakes focus on best-in-class output, which is associated with high-performance driving needs. That is why, apart from a few cosmetic customizations, there is a limit to extensive customization.

Build Material & Durability

Many consider the brake kits’ build material insignificant. But it plays a big part in the durability of the brake system. Between the Brembo and Wilwood brakes, the Brembo brakes can handle more heat and stress compared to the Wilwood. 

This is because high-performance vehicles like sports cars or luxury cars have extreme needs. Brembo brakes are designed to withstand loads brought on by demanding driving conditions. It has a mixture of aluminum and carbon composite, which makes it sustainable. 

On the other hand, the Wilwood brake has steel elements, which are again suitable for handling loads. However, the durability is somewhat compromised when you use the Wilwood brakes on high-performance vehicles. These brake kits are more suited to regular track vehicles.


There is a considerable price difference between Brembo and Wilwood brakes. Since Brembo brakes are primarily used for higher performance output, you have to pay a premium. These kits will cost you over $1000, which is unaffordable for many regular users.

That said, if you are looking for an affordable segment, the Wilwood brakes would be the best option for your vehicle. It’s for most regular vehicles and won’t charge you much. You will need to pay about $600 for each kit, which is way less than the cost of Brembo kits.

Similarities Between Brembo And Wilwood Brakes

Despite some core differences, both the Brembo and Wilwood brakes can be on the same page. Below are some similarities that both of these brake kits share:

  • Both the Brembo and Wilwood brake kits offer Drilled and Slotted rotor options
  • Both of these brake pad kits are aftermarket options
  • Both of the brands have offerings for fixed or floating calipers
  • Aesthetic-wise both brands offer options for the caliper’s color and customization.

Brembo or Wilwood Brakes: Which Should Be Your Choice?

Aftermarket brake options are the best possible solution when the existing brake becomes faulty. Both Brembo and Wilwood are top brands offering great value and a variety of options. 

There is no clear winner between these two brake kits because a lot depends on your needs. If you are looking for an all-around customizable solution at an affordable price, Wilwood brake kits would be the right option for your vehicle. 

On the contrary, if high stopping power and drag performance are needed, choose the Brembo brake kits. The best possible strategy would be to choose brake kits according to your vehicle’s traits and needs.


While choosing between Brembo and Wilwood brake kits, a lot of questions might be pondering you. We have answered a few of those below to help you out. 

Where are Wilwood brakes made?

The Wilwood brake kits are produced in Camarillo, California. In this location, production, distribution and office space all are situated within an area of 200000 sq. ft.

How often do you need to change your vehicle’s brakes?

Depending on the demanding situations, the brake pads and shoes should usually be upgraded after every 30000-35000 miles traveled. For some brake kits, the range will be way higher due to less pressure on the brakes.

Do brake rotors last longer than pads?

Brake rotors have a slower rate of wear than pads. Pads may wear out after every 10000-20000 miles, but for rotors, it goes above 50000 miles.

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