Bosch vs Duralast Brakes: In-Depth Comparison

A non-functioning brake can cause much trouble for vehicle owners and passengers. Choosing the appropriate brake for the vehicle makes a lot of sense. When purchasing brake systems, Bosch and Duralast are two familiar names. But what brand should you go with? 

The primary consideration when discussing Bosch vs Duralast brakes is durability. The brakes of Bosch are a bit more durable than Duralast. In the case of affordability, Duralast brakes are more affordable compared to Bosch. In the case of noise level, Bosch brakes are slightly quieter than Duralast. 

You should consider multiple things while choosing the correct brakes for your vehicle. And we will cover the points here with a compact comparison guide between Boshc and Duralast.

Bosch vs Duralast Brakes: Comparison Table

Both brands have been with their operations for a long time. You will find several sets of Bosch and Duralast braking equipment, like brake pads, rotors, brake assembly, etc at the market. But they differ in some cases. 

Comparison FactsBoschDuralast
Braking PerformanceHigh PerformanceHigh Performance
Brake Pad MaterialCopper-free ceramic, Semi-metallic, NAO-Ceramic Semi-metallic, NAO-Ceramic, Copper free material, abrasive painted metal
Heat Resistance and Fade ResistanceGoodAverage
Wet Weather PerformanceGood Good
Noise and VibrationLow noise and vibrationLow noise and vibration
CompatibilityAll popular European vehiclesLuxury and import vehicles
Durability and LifespanMore durableLess durable
InstallationEasy to installEasy to install
PriceExpensive Affordable

Braking Performance 

Regarding braking performance, both Bosch and Duralast brakes are top-notch. Bosch offers brake pads, rotors, and other related components that can deliver consistent braking in all types of conditions due to the advanced aerospace alloy transfer layer.

Thanks to the reverse-engineered technology that has made the Duralast braking system, especially the brake pads, even more accepted. Similar to Bosch brakes, the breaking performance that Duralasts brakes can offer will exceed your expectations. 

However, many automotive experts believe Bosch brakes perform better than Duralast due to improved stopping and industry-leading strength—for example, the QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad and rotor.

Brake Pad Material

Yes, brake pad materials have a huge role to play in the case of ensuring the efficiency of braking. Bosch and Duralast offer brake pads of several metals like Semi-metallic, NAO-Ceramic, and abrasive painted metal. 

Among the materials mentioned, semi-metallic is considered quite well compared to other materials. Bosch brake pads are made of semi-metallic that is better than the material made of Duralast. 

Besides, thanks to rigorously formulated friction material. And that’s the reason why Bosch brakes are higher in quality compared to the Duralast. 


The Bosch brakes are specially made for all European vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, and BMW. Well, you can know the compatibility of the Bosch brakes with your vehicle identification number on their website. 

On the other hand, the Duralast does not only stick with the European vehicles. Instead, you can use the Duralast brake pads in luxurious, high-performance vehicles regardless of the series and models.

Similar to Bosch brakes, you can also check the compatibility of the Duralast braking system on their website. 

Durability and Lifespan

Due to premium quality materials used to make Bosch brakes, you can expect more durability and lifespan than Duralast brakes. Yes, Duralast brakes are also reliable, but not as much as Bosch, in the case of rotors and brake pads.

The extra combination of rubber, steel, and coating allows the Borsch brakes to sustain for a long time and ensure smooth driving. And for them, the 77 years of OE braking excellence comes into play.


The price of the brake pads or rotors depends on the model. But Borsch brakes are more expensive than Duralast. And the reason behind this is the premium materials used in making Borsh products.

In addition, the Bosch is way more reputable compared to the Duralast. And that’s another critical point: the price range of Bosch brakes is higher than the Duralast brakes. Well, the individual products’ prices differ based on the series and building materials.

Heat Resistance and Fade Resistance

Extreme heat often causes damage to brake pads. So, you should go with the heat and fade resistance brakes. Even though both Bosch and Duralast offer impressive heat and fade resistance features with their brake pads, Bosch is slightly better in this case.

And then again, thanks to the advanced aerospace alloy material, which makes the Bosch brakes resistant to extreme heat and fade. For example, the Severe Duty pads. 

The formulated friction block of Duralast brakes is designed to protect against much heat but not as much as the Bosch. 

Noise and Vibration 

Excessive noise is not only irritating to drivers and passengers, but it also indicates issues. In the case of both Bosch and Duralast, the noise level and vibration are not something you should worry about. 

But comparing the two brands, Bosch wins, especially for the QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad. Forbes also features this brake pad on their website. 

The key reason behind low noise and vibration is the advanced material used to make the braking component of Bosch. Moreover, credit goes to the highly quality frictional materials.

On the other hand, Duralast brakes are suitable for low noise and vibration OES-matched slots. However, not as good as Bosch.

Similarities Between Bosch and Duralast Brakes

Apart from the differences we mentioned above, there are some points where Bosch and Duralast are top-notch simultaneously. The key similarities between the two brands are; 

Wet Weather Performance

You don’t need to worry about driving your vehicle in wet weather with Bosch and Duralast. And the pioneering braking technology has made this possible. The two brands’ brake pads, discs, and rotors have wear and tear resistance features. 

Whether you drive on snow, ice, or water, the braking performance won’t be reduced. For example, the fully zinc-coated rotors of Duralast enhance braking performance regardless of the weather conditions.  


The installation process of both Bosch and Duralast brakes takes less time and effort. Here, you have to spend a similar amount of time, no matter whether you go with the Bosch brakes or Duralast. But make sure you have the necessary brake installation tools.

On average, a brake pad installation should not take 30-40 minutes with the right equipment. 

Bosch or Duralast Brake: What Should Be Your Choice?

Considering the performance and durability, the Bosch brakes should be used. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can go with the Duralast brakes. 

But from the expert point of view, it is always recommended to go with the most durable ones even if they cost you more money. When choosing brakes, going with the best one that can ensure top-notch performance should be the approach. 

In these cases, Bosch beats Duralast even if the brakes of Duralast are not that bad, and they have a reputation as well. However, Bosch brakes are more fantastic in heat resistance, noise level, and more than Duralast.

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We have picked some common questions about Bosch and Duralast brakes online. Here, we will let you know the answers to the questions. 

Who Is the Manufacturer of Duralast Brake Pads?

The Duralast brake pads are manufactured by Autozone. Duralast is a brand that has been offering several types of brake pads over the last few years. Autozone manufactures and sells Duralast’s products and a few brands that offer automotive products. 

Can I Use Duralast Brake Pads With Bosch Rotors?

There is no rule that you need to use Bosch rotors with Duralast brake pads. So, you can use the Duralast brake pads with a Bosch rotor unless both products are well-performing. In addition, you need to make sure both products are compatible with your vehicle. 

What Are the Most Popular Brakes Between Bosch and Duralast? 

Both brands have a reputation when it comes to offering brakes for vehicles. But Bosch brakes are more popular than Duralast. People often mention Bosch brakes (pads, rotors, assembly) as recommendations for the reliable aftermarket brakes. 

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