Top 5 Best Oil Drain Pans Or Container Reviews (Updated 2020)

best oil drain pans

We don’t understand the necessity of a best oilOpens in a new tab. drain pans until it’s time to change the engine oil. When we remove the sump plug, oil starts dripping off. When it starts dripping, oil spills everywhere and makes that place messy and irritating. Not only that, oil in ground means, an accident can take place anytime.

With the help of big oil drain pan, you can stop oil spilling which will save someone from a major accident, which will keep your work area clean, also you can save old oil in order to recycle them. Oil drain pan will not only help you in removing oil, you can use it in many other things also.

Today we have 5 best-rated oil drain pan on our hand. Users are very satisfied with those big oil drain pans. Let’s take a look at Top 5 leading oil drain pans.

Top 5 Best Oil Drain Pans Review

1. Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain Pan

Lisle is one of the very popular brands. They have always provided high-quality products and this Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain pan is also equal. This oil drip pan took the first place of our review by the service it offers, we have found this on better than others.

First of all, this oil drip pan is made of chemical and stain resistant plastic which makes it very easy to clean. It has a very compact design, looks classy. It a large oil drain pan (4.5 gallons). Has a very nice capacity of 18 quarts. This size is enough for one big vehicle or 2-3 small vehicles.

Now let’s talk about the comfort this drip pan offers. It comes with three molded handle and that makes it easy to move the loaded drip pan. It is designed very well, thanks to the manufacturer. This oil drip pan has an upper lip ensures less oil spilling.

Another best part of this pan is, it has a 1-inch nozzle for easy oil disposing. This nozzle is really helpful, it will help you to make less mess. This drip pan has 6 inches height which perfectly suitable for most vehicles. This Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain pan comes at an affordable price also.

Things we liked

  • Molded handle.
  • 1 Inch Nozzle.
  • Chemical and stain resistant.
  • Affordable.
  • Has capability of 18 quarts.
  • Upper Lip.

Things we didn’t like

  • According to few users, it leaks after a certain period of time.

Should you buy it?

I would say the Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain pan is the best drain pan for the money. The only downside I have found about this large oil drain pan is, according to few user this oil drip pan leaks after a certain period of time. But most users happy with this pan.

This oil drip pan is a top rated pan, so you can definitely buy this one if it meets your requirements.

2. GarageBOSS GB150 12.5 quart Oil Drain Pan with Funnel

Low profile cars are amazing, right? Are you a proud owner of a low profile car? If yes, then we have a low profile oil drain pan for low profile cars, the GarageBOSS GB150 12.5 Quarts drain pan with Funnel. It really has an outstanding design. This car oil drain pan is very famous for low profile car oil changeOpens in a new tab..

You can see on the image it almost looks like a briefcase, this car oil drain container looks very classy. This GarageBOOS model has a wide mouth funnel, because of that you can have easy, fast and clean car oil drain or any other liquid you have in mind. It has the capability to hold up to 12.5 quarts of oil and that’s enough for a car.


It is completely leak proof, comes with a leak-proof cap and that keeps the fluid contained. This car oil change pan is very durable and will last more 2 years with gentle use. Has a handle, you can carry the loaded pan comfortably anywhere you want.

Things we liked

  • Leak-proof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Amazing design.
  • Wide mouth funnel.
  • Durable.

Things we didn’t like

  • The handle is not very durable.

Should you buy it?

If you own a low profile classy car then sure, you can go for this GarageBOSS GB150 12.5 Quarts drain pan. It is lightweight, hold 12.5 quarts oil, fits perfectly under low profile cars, has a wide mouth for easy drain and look the design. Overall an outstanding performer.

3. ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan – 4-1/2 Gallon Capacity 

The ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain pan is almost similar to the Lisle 17942 Black Plastic 4.5-Gallon Drain pan. They both shares almost the same design. This ATD model is cheaper than lisle 17942.

This drain pan comes with a bigger spout for fast and easy engine oil draining, unlike most oil drip pans. It comes with three molded durable handles, like lisle 17942. These handles make moving the loaded pan very easy and hassle-free.

It also comes with an upper lip, many calls it anti-splash lip, this feature is actually very important. Anti-Splash lip will let less oil spill on the ground and that’s safe and mess free. This pan has 6-inch height, you will be able to transfer oil from pan to any bottle or jug very easily. Its actually a big oil drain pan.

Another best part is, it comes at a very affordable price. With the help of a cloth, you can clean the whole pan very easily and effectively. If you are looking for low profile drain pan then this is not what you are looking for.

Things we liked

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Large spout.
  • Durable handles.
  • Anti-splash lip.

Things we didn’t like

  • This oil drain pan is not suitable for very low profile cars.


Should you buy it?

The ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain pan comes at very affordable price and manufacturer didn’t compromise the quality. It has almost all the features that a perfect oil drip pan should have.

Unless you are getting this drain pan for low profile car, you are good to go with it.

4. Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Container

Now, this oil drain container is totally different from previously reviewed other drain pans. The Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Pan Container, as the name suggests it is just not a pan, it’s an oil drain container.

You will be able to use this Matrix Concepts M28 as both pan and oil container. This one is suitable for every vehicle, yes, even for very low profile cars. This pan holds up to 6 quarts oil, means 1.5 gallons. Vehicles which contains more than 1.5 gallons oil, this pan is not going to work for it.

As you can see in the picture, this oil drain container is little transparent, so you will get to know when the container is full.

Things we liked

  • Transparent body.
  • Usable as both pan and container.
  • Prevents oil spill.
  • Extra-large handle
  • Durable.

Things we didn’t like

  • The drain hole is too small.

Should you buy it?

The only downside of this Matrix Concepts M28 Oil Drain Pan Container is it has a very small drain hole. Without that, it has every feature to satisfy you. As we said before, one added benefit of having this Matrix Concepts M28 is, you can use it both as container and pan.

5. FloTool 42003MI 16-Quart Drain Container

The last one. I think this FloTool 42003MI 16 quarts drain container has the best design. This one is also usable as pan and container. Besides that, it collects dumping fluids also.

First and foremost, this FloTool 42003MI model has an outstanding design. The square shape design makes it easy carry around.  You can see the name, it holds up to 16 quarts of drain oil, it is actually one of the large oil drain containers on the market.

Two best advantage of having this product is, first, you will be able to store used oil filters and second, it has a spot, also for storing used car oil plug. Isn’t it amazing? This product has a side draining plug also, which will help you to drain fluids faster. The manufacturer has priced this product fairly. It is a durable container.

Things we liked

  • Dumping plug
  • Holds up to 16 quarts
  • Durable
  • Usable as plan and container.
  • Outstanding design.

Things we didn’t like

  • The cap doesn’t have rubber seal or gasket, this can cause the oil leak.

Should you buy it?

How can you deny an outstanding oil drain container like this FloTool 42003MI 16 quarts drain container? It holds 16 quarts oil and that’s really appreciatable. It has a classy design, it durable, it works great in both as a pan or container, has dumping plug, what else you need?

The downside we said, the cap doesn’t have any gasket or rubber seal which can cause oil leak but still, we didn’t see any negative reviews from users about this pans oil leak

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Oil Drain Pans

We don’t want you to use your hard earned money on useless things. There are a lot of oil drain pans available in the market so if you don’t keep some information about oil drain pan, you can be fooled very easily and your money is going to be a total waste.

For having the perfect oil drain pan there are few things you should take into consideration before you make any purchase decision.

This is a very important factor to look for. When you are about to buy an oil drain pan, first you have to choose a pan which will be able to hold the amount of oil your engine will drop at the time of changing the engine oil.

You have to know how much oil your vehicle engine holds and depending on that you will have to decide the pan size.
If you choose a small pan, oil will flow over the pan and will make it to the ground, which makes no sense.
So be very careful when choosing the pan size.

Another important factor to consider. There are different types of oil drain pans for different vehicles. If you have a low profile car then you have to choose a drain pan with low height.
If you choose a raised height oil drain pan for low profile car, then pan will not feet under the car, so you won’t be able to use it. Oil drain pan needs to fit perfectly under the vehicles.

Choose a drain pan which has a large opening. Do you know why you need drain pan with a large opening?
Because when you will direct the oil flow from the engine to the pan, large opening pans will cover up all the oil, so no spilling, no mess.

This one is not mandatory. If you find a drain pan with wheels, we think buying that won’t be a bad idea. Because with wheels you will be able to move the loaded drain pan more comfortably. But wheels should be the last factor because it’s not important.

Choose a pan which comes with a durable handle. If possible choose pans which handle comes with grip.

One thing we want to say is, “What is best for others, might not be best for you”. Everyone has different needs, you have to choose the product according to your needs.

For example, I have a truck and you have a low-profile car, High-profile oil drain pans work best for me but would high-profile oil drain pans work best for you too?No. Because you have to select a pan which will fit under your vehicle and high-profile drain pans won’t fit under low-profile cars.

Which features do you need? Leak-proof, durable, easy to clean, etc. Think wisely which things will help you and buy according to that.

Another important factor. You have to choose an oil drain pan which will serve you very long. How would you know which pan is durable and which isn’t?
Check the materials. If pans are made using high-quality materials and with heavy construction, then you can be sure that the pan will last long.

Read Reviews
Read the reviews people are posting about that specific product. Not only in case of oil drain pan but every new thing you buy check the user’s review.

People who used or using that specific product or service gives the review. Reading the review, you will get to know almost everything about that product or service, both good and bad sides.
You can also check the rating. The more rating a product has, the more popular that product is. The rating also comes from real users.

Different oil drain pans come at different prices. You have to choose a product which has all the features you require and then think if this pan is worth out buying or not. Don’t buy anything just because that is cheap.

Money is a major issue for most people, we know. But most people buy products just because those products are cheap, don’t do that. Those products will cost you more in long run.
Put your focus on the quality than on the price.

It’s time to wrap up the entire article. We hope you have found a best oil drain pans for you. We have provided a buying guide, with that you can purchase perfect oil drainOpens in a new tab. pans in both offline and online.if you want to buy more gear and gadget check our other review chain cleaner, chain lube, moto gloves, protective jackets and many more.  If you think we have missed something then please let us know in the comment section. We will be coming with more best products, till then Good Bye.

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