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Best Motorcycle Oil

You are here which clearly means you are in search of best motorcycle oil for your bike. Bikers know why they need motorcycle oil so we won’t kill your time saying why you need motorcycle oils, it would sound lame, we will come to direct point instead.

Most searched phrase on internet recently is “which are the best engine oil for bike” and we also see most people don’t know the types of motorcycle oil, they don’t know which things to look before purchasing one and some wants to know about each oil before they purchase, if you have any of these questions in your mind, congrats, you came to right place.

Today we are going to review 7 top rated motorcycle oil and after that, you will have a buying guide with other motorcycle oil change information.

Before we proceed we better tell you how we considered those best motorcycle oils, our expert team chose leading motorcycle oil brands and chose some of their best selling products, they used them and tested them. After doing motorcycle oil comparison test, they came up with these top 7 motorcycle oils. Take a look,


Top 7 Best Motorcycle Oil Review


1. Castrol 10w-4T motorcycle oil- 1 Quart Bottle, (Pack of 6) | Best Motorcycle Oil 10W-4T

Who doesn’t knows Castrol? everyone knows them, they are serving high-quality product for very long. Most people put Castrol at the first among top 10 motorcycle oil brands when they think about buying oils. This Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is one of the high-quality oils which gives the rider a smooth feeling of bike riding. If you are looking for the best fully synthetic motorcycle oil, purchase this oil, you will be thanking us later. Let’s take a look at its features,


This Castrol 10w40 motorcycle oil is JASO MA-2 approved. API SL sets a standard level engine test and this oil meets it. On the other hand, this Castrol 10w40 motorcycle oil is also JASO MA-2 approved. JASO MA-2 approved means, this oil is properly safe and suitable to use in motorcycles.

The Castrol 10W40 Motorcycle Oil is certified fully synthetic engine oil and 100% crude free. Crude-based motorcycle oils cannot have clear emission and cannot clean properly inside the engine where This Castrol oil does these things very effectively.

This oil can resist change in viscosity when it is subjected to mechanical shear or stress. This feature makes this Castrol oil fluid when it is subjected to extreme hot or cold temperature.

The Castrol 10w40 motorcycle oil is designed perfectly for the 4-stroke motorcycle. It will provide high-performance without any doubt.

Motorcycle’s that has the clutch as an important part of the gearbox, this Castrol motor will perfectly suit them. Most people are assuming this oil as best wet clutch motorcycle oil.

Things we liked

  • Fully synthetic oil
  • API SL & JASO MA-2 approved.
  • Offers smooth transmission.
  • Comes in pack of 6
  • Suitable for wet clutch
  • Offers smooth acceleration

Things we didn’t like

  • If engine gaskets are not placed perfectly then oil can leak.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for the best engine oil for a 4-stock motorcycle then you can purchase this one without any doubt. It is fully synthetic and will provide smooth acceleration and transmission. Another thing as we said before you oil up the engine check if the engine gaskets are properly placed or not.


2. Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil – 1 Quart (Pack of 6) | Synthetic Oil For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Everyone knows Mobil’s history in racing. In this generation, Mobil has become, even more, better with the touches of technology. This Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is refreshing and worthy motorcycle oil. This oil is basically designed to fulfill unique motorcycles needs. The Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil is fully synthetic and can withstand extreme heat. If we talk about certification that this oil slightly better than Castrol. Perfect for 4-stroke air cooled motorcycle like Harley-Davidson. Let;’s take a look at its features.


Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motor Oil is specially designed for your “cruiser” with air-cooled V-twin motorcycles, like Harley-Davidson. This motor oil is perfect synthetic oil for Harley-Davidson.

This oil does excellent lubrication for maximum horsepower and it saves the engine from harmful dirt deposits.

This Mobil oil has the ability to stand in extreme temperature which air-cooled motorcycle engine produces by using syntheticOpens in a new tab. base oil technology and synergistic additive technology.

The Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motor Oil perfect for hot-running, that means a rider can ride for longer ways without any stress.

For excellent riding experience, this oil offers smoother acceleration and transmission. On the other hand, this oil helps the engine to make less noise.

We said earlier, Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motor Oil is certified by, API SM, SL, Sj, JASO MA and MA2 certified. In this case, it is better than Castrol.

Things we liked

  • High-quality oil.
  • Protects engine from dirt composites.
  • Offers smooth transmission.
  • Helps engine to make less noise.
  • Withstand extreme hot.

Things we didn’t like

  • Little expensive than Castrol oil but we think the price is fair according to its features.

Should you buy it?

This Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motor Oil comes in different grades, so before you buy check which one actually you want to buy. Overall this oil has an amazing performance record, apart from the price thing, this oil is worth out trying.


3. Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil 4T – 10W40 – 4 Liter

Another synthetic oil in our review is Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil 4T – 10W40 – 4 Liter. This oil is not so different from our previews reviewed, Castrol and Mobil motorcycle oil. The Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil 4T comes in different versions, they are available in 10 w 40 10 w 15 and 20 w 50. It performs very well but we put this on 3rd because we think this oil is slightly overpriced. Like both of above-reviewed Castrol and Mobil oil, this one is also standard certified. Let’s take a look at its features


As we said before, The Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil is fully synthetic oil and it is API certified for SH, SG, and Sl. This oil is JASO MA certified also.

Just put this oil in your engine, it will make transmission and acceleration smoother. This oil will also protect the engine from harmful dirt deposits

those who have 4-stroke motorcycle along with catalytic converters, they can use this Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil with no stress. It works great for 4-strokes motorcycles.

This oil comes with an ester technology that improves engine performance.

The 10W40 variant is suitable for motorcycles like Apache, Honda CBR, Karishma and other similar bikes, on the other hand, the 20W50 variant is perfect for KTM Duke, Yamaha FZ, R15 and other these types of motorcycles.

Things we liked

  • Perfect for 4-strokes.
  • Offers smooth transmission.
  • Protects gearbox.
  • Cleans dirt.
  • Meets API SL/SH/SG and JASO MA standards.

Things we didn’t like

  • We think this oil is overpriced

Should you buy it?

Without the price thing, this Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil is good to carry with. Users have tried this oil and they got nothing to complain about. We said before, this one is almost similar to previous reviewed Castrol and Mobil oil, you can buy any of them.


4. Lucas Oil 10702-PK6 High-Performance Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil | Best Oil for Harley Davidson Transmission

The Lucas 10702-PK6 20W-50 motorcycle oil is the best oil for racing bikes. Lucas is a proud sponsor of most racing teams and their every product are also very satisfying. One thing we must mention, this oil is a mixture of motorcycle and gear oil for first-class racing performance. As it comes with different versions, so be very careful when choosing Lucas oil for racing bikes. It has some amazing features as well so let’s take a look at its features,


This Lucas 10702-PK6 20W-50 motorcycle oil is a true racing engine oil that meets all the needs that a racing engine requires.

It’s not just a racing oil, it protects the engine from dirt and also improves its performance. This oil will last more than any other engine oil, doesn’t matter where you ride in a track or street.

The Lucas 10702-PK6 20W-50 motorcycle oil is designed with the highest endurance, it not only improves engine performance but also makes the engine last longer by reducing engine temperatureOpens in a new tab. inside.

This oil is ready to give you a satisfying experience of smooth transmission and acceleration, just pour the engine with this Lucas oil.

Like others, this oil also meets JASO and SPI AG standard and if you choose this oil for the right motorcycle, you will hear a massive decrease of irritating sounds.

Things we liked

  • Perfect for Harley Davidson.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Fluent transmission.
  • Provides protection to the engine.
  • Fairly priced.
  • True racing oil.

Things we didn’t like

  • If the Lucas Oil goes in the wrong engine it can make loud noises, so be careful with that.

Should you buy it?

The Lucas 10702-PK6 20W-50 motorcycle oil is the best motorcycle oil for Harley Davidson and its a very effective racing oil. It improves engine performance, protects the engine, reduces noise and comes also at an affordable price. Denying it won’t be fair and especially for racing, give it a shot and it won’t disappoint you.


5. Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle 10W-40 High-Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 

Among wet clutch oil brands, the Royal Purple is a better performer. The Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle 10W-40 High-Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil has nothing special, the only reason it took place in our reviews is this oil is suitable and performs better for the wet clutch transmission, nothing else. Like previous ones, the Royal Purple 06315-6pk Max-Cycle oil is fully synthetic motorcycle oil. Let’s take a look at its features,


This oil perfectly meets API viscosity standard and also certified by JASO MA2, so thinking about transmission slipping is totally waste of time when your engine got this Royal Purple 10W-40 oil.

If you want to reduce the noise of your bike, definitely try this out. It will reduce noise oticeably.

The Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle 10W-40  Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is suitable for using in liquid cooled 4-cycle engines and air cooled 4-cycle engines.
Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle 10W-40  Synthetic Motorcycle Oil comes with formulated synerlec high film strength additive technology which improves the film strength of motorcycle engine.
Royal Purple 06315-6PK motorcycle oil also comes with shear stability that offers better protection and excellent performance.
The high film strength has the ability to decrease operating temperature and on the other hand, this oil is properly formulated which will offer your engine excellent oxidation resistance for longer service life.

Things we liked

  • Helps engine to run cooler.
  • Fully synthetic.
  • No transmission slipping.
  • Wet clutch oil.
  • Perfect for racing bikes
  • Reduces noise

Things we didn’t like

  • This oil doesn’t have anything special compared to others.

Should you buy it?

Do your bike makes irritating sounds? yes? then this Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle 10W-40 High-Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is definitely worth trying and we would only recommend this oil for this. We think purchasing the Castrol 10W40 Motorcycle Oil at less price than Royal Purple 06315-6PK Max-Cycle will serve you better.


6. Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil – 1 Gallon 3166

Who didn’t hear the name Castrol? Castrol is a name of trusted support. They regularly sponsor maximum racing events. On the top, we have already reviewed one Castrol motorcycle oil and now this Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil is another champion among engine oils. Fully synthetic motorcycle oil and performs better in a 4-stroke motorcycle engine. Let’s take a look at its features.


WE said before, The Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil is a fully synthetic motorcycle oil for a 4-stroke motorcycle. This oil offers protection bike engine from high-temperature wear and deposit,’

This oil has formulated and heat protection molecules to minimize and combat the amount of high-temperature combustion deposits.

Those who ride their bikes whole day, this oil is perfectly suitable for those. This oil will improve your engine performance and as we said back, it reduces temperatures.
Meets all the standard set by API SG, JASO MA2 and also like other engine oils from our review the Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil provides very smooth transmission.

Things we liked

  • Synthetic oil.
  • Reduces temperature.
  • Offers heat protection.
  • Smooth transmission.
  • Lubricates gear.

Things we didn’t like

  • Not good for wet clutch.

Should you buy it?

The  Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil is not for wet clutch. If you have a bike that you ride for whole day long then trying this Castrol 10W40 Actevo X-tra 4T Motorcycle Oil worths, it improves engine performance, lubricates gear, reduces the temperature. It will offer you a beautiful riding experience.

7. Red Line RED42504 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil – 1 Quart Bottle

Another fully synthetic motorcycle oil Red Line RED42504 20W-50. This oil is very similar to Lucas Oil. This oil is designed for latest V-twin, twin cam Harley, sports bike, and 4T Motocross ATV, including High-Performance bikes engines. The Red Line oil also meets JASO MA standards. It also comes in different viscosity and it improves engine performance. In recent days people are adopting it positively. Let’s take a look at its features,


The Red Line High-Performance Full Synthetic motorcycle oil is especially design to suit V-twins engines, sports bikes, and V-twin cam Harley engines.

Redline has various oils which are available in different viscosity but the maximum of them are based on ester and also comes with an ANTI_WEAR Technology, which was mechanics demand.

In this oil, the level of Zinc and Phosphorus is mixed in the highest composition, that’s what makes this oil little different from other oils.

This motorcycle oil is fully synthetic and it decreases engine noise up to 40 percent. It protects the engine in even extreme riding situation and the hotter this oil gets, the better it performs.

Bikes clutchOpens in a new tab. won’t slip, not even in under high-accelerations. It provides very fluent transmission.

Things we liked

  • Fully synthetic oil.
  • Decreases engine noise.
  • Perfect for V-twins and sports bikes.
  • No clutch slipping.
  • Affordable price
  • Anti-Wear Technology
  • Performs better in high temperature
  • Improves engine performance

Things we didn’t like

  • This oil is suitable for high-performing heavy engines not for lightweight engines.

Should you buy it?

The Red Line High-Performance Full Synthetic motorcycle oil is one of the best fully synthetic motorcycle oils. As we said, this oil comes in different versions with different viscosity, so choose wisely which one actually you need. Overall this oil is an outstanding performer and users didn’t get anything to complain about it. SO yes can go for it.


Types of motorcycle oil

Riding in top speed along with wearing a top notch motorcycle jacket will surely give you an impressive look but for being a real rider you have to know how your bike engine works, what is suitable for it, what is not? Knowing these things will make you motorbike engine last longer and also will save your money from being spent in mechanics.

The first thing you will need to know is which type of motorcycle oil you would need, which oil would be suitable for your bike. For example, the best oil for Harley 110 won’t be best for Pulsar NS160.  Most new bikers don’t have proper knowledge about oil type, so if you are one of them, you can contact to your bike dealer or check out this article, you will get to know about each oil types.

Here are 3 basic types of Motorcycle engine oil

Conventional Oil

Conventional oils and mineral oils are same. Mineral Oil contains refined crude oil with different additives like detergents. Detergents can reduce debris and acids so that using conventional oil there is a high chance that engine will remain clean. Another most common additive in conventional oil is friction modifiers, this helps to improve lubrication.

These mineral oils are cheaper compared to other motorcycle oils and these are commonly used in old motorcycles. Mineral or conventional oils source is ground which is completely natural and also carries some containments which are harmful but these containments gets clear in the refining process.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is human-made oil where, as an additive pure crude is included. Using technology synthetic oil got massive improvements in recent years. This oil is also expensive than mineral oil.

Now you may be thinking that mineral oils are cheap so there is no reason to buy synthetic oils, right?

Buying synthetic oil worths, want to know why?

This oil contains less viscosity and that is what makes it smooth for engine, synthetic oil removes internal friction as well. Synthetic oils offer well efficiency and performance compared to mineral oil. Most bikers are using synthetic oils because this oil is satisfying them for very long.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil is nothing but just a mixture of both mineral and synthetic oils. High-speed motorbikes require synthetic oil, while on the other hand, mineral oils keep the engine clean and make it last longer.

This Semi-synthetic oil is perfect for 125-180 CC engine, in other words, this oil is for medium weight motorbikes. As we said back, semi-synthetic oil is a mixture so using this oil you can expect to have both oils advantages.


Why Do You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Oil?

Remember one thing, motorcycle oil is the lifeblood of the engine, for keeping motorcycle engine clean, smooth and prolong its life, motorcycle oil should be replaced often. How often you should change it depends on some factors and your motorcycle’s condition. Let’s see the advantages of replacing motorcycle oil

Using right motorcycle oil improves fuel economy and motorcycle engine performs greatly by consuming less fuel.

Replacing engine oil will prolong your motorcycle engines life, not only that but will also keep your engine smooth and clean.

Using right oil and replacing engine oil often reduces internal friction which delivers more powerful performance.

By replacing engine oil motorcycle engine remains smooth all the time and that gives a better riding experience.

When oil stays for a long time inside the engine, there is no doubt that it would get penetrated by dirt, so replacing the oil is must then.

Replacing engine oil will reduce most internal problems and will keep your engine well-maintained, that will save your money.


Can I Use Car Oils For Motorcycle?

Most newbie riders have this question in their mind. The answer is a big No. You can’t use car oil on a motorcycle, it will not only give you the worst riding experience but also damage your engine.

Car oils are used mainly to lubricate internal moving parts of the engine, where motorcycle oil lubricates the engine, keep the clutch and lubricate cool and also protects gearbox. Let’s discuss in brief.

Gearbox Protection

A car uses different oils, one for engine and another for the gearbox, where motorcycle applies same oil for both gearbox and engine. Because of this, motorcycle oil needs to be unique for keeping both engine and gearbox smooth and clean.

Shear Stability

Shear Stability means, the measure of the amount of viscosity that oil may lose between performance. Motorcycle engine oil offers two functions, first one is to lubricate the gearbox and second one is to lubricate the engine. Motorcycle oil has excellent shear stability compared to car oil and shear stability is very important.

Balanced lubrication

A car engine oils main goal is to decrease friction between internal moving parts which offers efficiency and good fuel economy, but a motorcycle oil requires balanced friction because it lubricates the wet clutch. If the level of friction is low then the clutch won’t be able to get engaged which will cause clutch slippage.


Some Engine Oil Changing Tips For Beginner

If you are a newbie just go through this article to know about few things that you should know before you jump into changing engine oil,

  1. Keep in mind, before you pour the oil always check the drain intervals from your service manual. If you are using mineral oil then chaining oil after every 2,000 miles would be needed. IF you are using synthetic oil then you can chain the oil after 5,000 to 6,000 miles.
  2. Most people don’t change the oil filter but that’s necessary. Its true that you can save money by not changing oil filters often but if you are pouring expensive synthetic oils then why not spend little more money and change the filter? Remember, you have to change it when you change the oil.
  3.  You have to install a fresh drain plug washer right after you remove the drain plug.
  4. Always remove the washer before you install a new one.
  5.  Before you change the oil, start your bike and let it warm up at least for 10 minutes before oil drains.
  6. A very important thing, always wear safety gear when you are handling old used oil.
  7. Few riders use extra additives after changing the oil but doing that is not necessary, it ain’t going to benefit you from anywhere.

If you are a new rider just remember these little things before you change the oil. It will help you in long-run.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle engine oil will not only increase bikes life but also makes bike functioning smoother and clean, but to have the full advantage of motorcycle oil you have to pick the right one, and for picking the right one you have to do a little research about motorcycle oil. Roaming for information, painful, right?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to, we have provided all the information you would need to buy a suitable motorcycle oil. Just read the whole article and you will find out the best one for you.

Here are few things below you should consider before buying a motorcycle oil

Suitable oil: Most important factor is choosing the right oil for your bike. Every motorcycle oils are not same. You have to choose according to your motorcycle requirement. Using wrong oil will not only waste your money, will also damage your motorcycle engine.

Reviews: If you don’t know the difference between different motorcycle oils then check the reviews of people who are already using those oils, read their online reviews and if possible go for suggestions from people you personally know.

Viscosity: Being assured of the oil’s effectiveness, it’s very important and will be healthier for your motorcycle. Because of viscosity oil’s are able to perform optimally, even when oil is subjected to high temperature.

Efficiency: Every rider wants efficiency. Who doesn’t want their motorcycle to perform better with a little amount of oil? It’s also money saving.

Additives: This one is very common and useful factor to consider. Different motorcycle oil contains different additives. Additives improve motorcycle functions.

For example, the mineral oil contains detergent as an additive, as everyone knows detergent has the ability to remove acids and debris, so it keeps the engine clean and not just that, it also increases the performance of lubrication and cooling.

Price: Price is always an issue. But don’t do what most people always do, we always choose a product which is cheap. Don’t do this, in this case, try to pick a perfect oil for your motorcycle. Cheap oils can damage your engine performance.

If an expensive oil will deliver good support to your bike, then don’t hesitate to spend on that.

Grade: If you pay a close look to oils body you will notice a bold “w” along with company name, it will have a number as well before and after “W”, for example, 20W50 or 10W40.

Do you know why is that for? These are the oil grades and you must need to pay attention to this if you are looking for a suitable oil. Let’s explain this.

(20W50) “W” indicates the winter grade and 20 is the lowest temperature where the oil will suit, on the other hand, 50 is the highest temperature where the oil will suit.

So if you live in very cold close to zero, purchase oil which number before W is very low.

Compliant Standard: Just don’t rely on reviews, check if the oils body has a standard mark given by your motorcycle manufacturer. High-quality oils will have SAE, JASO or API mark on their body, these are the marks of high-quality products.


In this article, we have tried to pour all the information that would help a biker, we have provided a motorcycle oil comparison chart for making it easier for you to choose and we have also reviewed some best motorcycle oils. We hope our article helped you and if you think we missed something, please let us know through comment section. Thank you

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