Best Motorcycle Oil Wet Clutch : [Top 5 Picks For 2021]

Best Motorcycle Oil

Many people often tend to use any engine oil without realizing that there are differences between car oil and motorcycle oil. It is not a good practice as the bike engine loses its performance and longevity over time.

That is why we need a special and balanced formula to keep the engine cool and increase its efficiency. Keeping the fact in mind, I have researched and found the best motorcycle oil wet clutch.

From economical to expensive, 2-stroke to 4-stroke, water-cooled to air-cooled, I have reviewed different products to meet the demand. Decide whether you want a full-synthetic, semi-synthetic, or non-synthetic oil, and order one from list below.

Have a look at my top picked wet clutch motorcycle oils:

  1. Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil – Best Overall Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for Wet Clutch
  2. HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil – Best Budget Oil for Motorcycles
  3. Maxima 41901 MTL-R 80WT Motorcycle Transmission/Clutch Fluid – Great Option for Both Wet Clutch and Brake System
  4. Lucas Oil LUC10710 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil – Best motorcycle oil with a semi-Synthetic formula
  5. Maxima (349128 Premium4 10W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil – Best Non-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for Wet Clutches

What Are The Viscosity Ratings For Wet Clutch Motorcycle Oil?

Before we begin, you should know that most motorcycle manufacturers recommend a few selective viscosity ratings. For different types of bikes and their internal systems, the ratings vary. The four most common viscosities are 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-40, and 20W50.

But what do they mean?

Low viscosity means that the oil is thinner, and vice versa. Both thin and thick oils have advantages and disadvantages. Thinner oils are responsible for reducing friction in the engine, and they are more porous. Also, starting a motorcycle engine in colder regions, such low-viscosity oils are better performers.

On the other hand, thicker viscosity oils are great at maintaining film strength. As a result, it can perform better at extremely high temperatures and loads. You have noticed that the numbers have a format like XW-XX.

Here, the ‘X’ related to ‘W’ indicates how thick the oil would become at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The same meaning applies for the ‘XX’ part at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s have a look at an example to understand it better.

A 10W-40 grade oil stays thinner and operational than a 20W-40 at lower temperatures. Again, a 10W-40 stays thick and keeps the engine cool at higher temperatures than a 10W-30 oil.

So, you should check the owner’s manual and buy the motorcycle for an oil wet clutch accordingly.

Best Motorcycle Oil Wet Clutch: Review

1. Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil – Best Overall Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for Wet Clutch

Mobil 1 V-Twin synthetic motorcycle oil is designed to match city dwellers’ requirements who sit idly in traffic jams and go on long drives sometimes. It has a viscosity rating of 20W-50, which is the best performer in hot regions.

The advanced formula keeps the engine cool, ensures quiet-running, and reduces friction between moving parts. The additives in the oil are perfectly balanced to meet the engine’s requirements, transmission, and especially the clutch.

I have already mentioned that Mobil 1 is perfect for extreme temperatures or long drives. The high viscosity rating indicates that the oil has thermal properties, which can keep the engine cool and maintain steady performance. Moreover, it has cleaning properties that can keep the engine clean and help reduce the noise.

The motorcycle oil is different from its competitors, which is confirmed by its users. A small but useful advantage of its bottle design is that anyone can hold it without accidents.


  • Keeps the engine cool
  • Reduced friction and wear on moving parts
  • Excellent cleaning
  • Helps to seal


  • Expensive


Summary: For 4-stroke motorcycles that require 20W-50 motorcycle oil, Mobil 1 is the best synthetic motorcycle oil for a wet clutch. After years of research and testing, Mobil has perfected the formula. So, you can trust this motor oil that has been proven on the race tracks.

2. HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil – Best Budget Oil for Motorcycles

My top-pick performs way better than its competitors, but many bikers can’t keep up with its expenses. That is why I have listed this one from Honda, which can provide almost the same performance under a tight budget.

The reason one can get it without spending a lot is it is mineral-based motor oil. However, I don’t think that the low pricing would affect the bike’s performance in any way.

Among different oil types, Honda has made sure of high-quality base stocks and a balanced additive package. These are specially designed for improving motorcycle engines’ performances.

Moreover, it has shear-resistance, viscosity stability, and cleaning properties that are helpful for bikes. By seeing the brand Honda, don’t think that you can’t use it in bikes from other brands. But the only downside is that the oil is only for 4-stroke engines.


  • Special wet-clutch additives
  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • Good performance in extreme conditions
  • Wonderful viscosity stability


  • Not for 2-stroke motorcycle engines


Summary: For 4-Stroke motorcycles, I have another great product like my top pick that doesn’t cost much. If your wet clutch bike accepts 10W-30 motor oils, you can confidently buy this one.

3. Maxima 41901 MTL-R 80WT Motorcycle Transmission/Clutch Fluid – Great Option for Both Wet Clutch and Brake System

Maxima 41901 is suitable for those bikes which accept 10W-40 oils. Among several other similar types of oil, what is so special about it?

Well, Maxima 41901 MTL-R 80WT is suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Also, it protects the clutch and brake system, which makes it more convenient for all bikers.

Due to the proven records on race tracks, you can be fully confident in its performance. It has outstanding anti-wear protection and lubrication properties. With the significant improvement in the new technologies, the additives in its formula improve the clutch life and reduce slippage.

Compared to 20W-40 motor oil, this one is a bit thinner, making it great for cold weather. It keeps the moving parts lubricated and cleans from internally. As a result, the performance of the engine increases greatly without making lots of noises.


  • Versatile usability
  • Anti-wear
  • Extends clutch life
  • Also protects the brakes


  • Slightly expensive

Summary: Whether it is a 2-cycle, 4-cycle, wet clutch, or wet brake system, you can buy and use Maxima 41901 as it has proven its worth on race tracks. Just make sure that your vehicle accepts 10W-40 motor oils.

4. Lucas Oil LUC10710 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil – Best motorcycle oil with a semi-Synthetic formula

Lucas offers an exclusively balanced additive package that you can’t find in other products. The speciality of this semi-synthetic oil is sealing the piston rings. As a result, the compression capabilities are increased, and fuel dilution is decreased.

Moreover, it extends the intervals between the oil drain. Within a wide temperature range, the oil can ensure the continuity of film strength. Altogether, the wet clutch motorcycles benefit the most out of such motor oil formulas.

You will see two different versions from the listing, where one has a blue label and the other has a red label. Blue means compatibility with both air-cooled and water-cooled 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. On the other hand, red means that the oil is only suitable for a 4-stroke engine.

The full potential of the oil is beneficial for the bikes with wet clutches and high RPMs. Those who have a bike that makes noises and has trouble doing shifts can use this product and get relieved from those troubles.



  • Reduced engine noise
  • Shifting made easier
  • Lower running temperature
  • Seals piston rings


  • Degrades faster than synthetic motor oils


Summary: If you are like the semi-synthetic oils more than the full synthetic ones, you can go for this one. It is a pure and better-flowing motor oil that the engines love.

5. Maxima (349128 Premium4 10W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil – Best Non-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for Wet Clutches

I know that synthetic oils are far better than conventional oils. But you can also choose this non-synthetic oil for its purity, great lubricating properties, and cost-efficiency.

If the ratings mentioned in your bike manual matches with Maxima 349128, you can order it with full confidence. Its advanced additive technology is very stable and capable of cooling the engine in high-temperature conditions.

The petroleum base stocks in its perfect blend ensure wear and shear protection. On top of that, the oil has extra anti-scuff additives which enable it to perform under extreme pressure and heat.

I also like the fact that this product comes with an all-weather formula so that you don’t face any issue starting the engine any time of the year. From the performance record on race tracks and reviews of its users, we think that your bike’s engine would love this non-synthetic oil.


  • Fewer emissions
  • Economical option compared to the synthetic ones
  • Less frequent oil changes
  • Lower friction


  • Costly comparing other non-synthetic oils

Summary: Finally, I have a non-synthetic motor oil that can support 4-stroke engines better. The blend makes sure of reduced wear and improved viscosity stability.

Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Oil For Wet Clutch

While buying a wet clutch motorcycle oil, keeping the following points in mind will greatly benefit you.

Owner’s manual and viscosity

Before recommending the best motorcycle oil for wet clutch, I need you to read the owner’s manual and see the viscosity ratings. At the beginning of the article, I have talked about that, along with viscosity, in detail. So, let’s move on to the next point.


The additives are also important to ensure the performance we expect from motor oil along with the viscosity rating. Read my reviews and know the special type of additives that each product has and their respective abilities.


By now, you have understood that there are several reputed brands in the motorcycle oil industry. And all of them perform almost the same. Also, the price doesn’t vary much within the types.

So, you need to set your budget and choose whether to go with expensive synthetic oil or a budget-friendly non-synthetic one. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews of real-life users before placing the order.


What is the best oil for a wet clutch?

According to my research, and thousands of customer reviews, Mobil 1 is the best engine oil for a wet clutch. However, Honda, Maxima, Castrol, and Lucas are also notable and reputed motorcycle oil manufacturers.

Is Rotella safe for the wet clutch?

Though Rotella is not manufactured keeping the motorcycle applications in mind, you can still use the oil. It is because the oil carries the JASO MA rating, which is suitable for 4-stroke engines.

Do all motorcycles have a wet clutch?

No, all motorcycles do not have a wet clutch. As the law for noise emission is getting stricter, manufacturers are using everything in their capabilities to pass the tests. As a result, dry clutches have been replaced by wet clutches in recent years.


I hope that you have found a suitable product for your bike from the best motorcycle oil wet clutch reviews. The most important thing to remember is that you should know the compatible viscosity rating for your bike and make a decision accordingly.

I have researched for hours and put the list in a way that would help increase the engine’s life and performance. But my selected model may not be a match for your bike. I recommend you search for other products of a selected brand, and it would definitely help you find a suitable one.


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