Best Motorcycle Jackets | Top 7 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Motorcycle Jacket

The best motorcycle jacket is a thing that makes a two-wheel rider much gorgeous. It is true that now people wear jackets just for style, not for protection where these jackets are made for protecting rider from an unexpected crash but every motorcycle jackets are not going to save you, you have to choose the perfect one for you.

There is a different kind of jackets available, some are very protective and some are very stylish, most people get confused at this point. They want a jacket that would protect them but they also want a stylish look. If you are one of them then, Good news, you are in right place.

However, after testing more than 50 jackets our expert team has found 7 best motorcycle jackets which are stylish, protective, durable and suitable for every rider. So no more talk, let’s break it down,

Top 7 Best Motorcycle jackets review

1. Milano Sports Gamma Motorcycle Jacket with Red Accent | Best Motorcycle Jacket For Protection

Milano Sports Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is an outstanding performer. One thing that makes it different from other motorcycle jackets is it’s out of the box specifications. Who doesn’t want an attractive motorcycle jacket that would protect them from accidents?

Every rider wants that. So we have come up with this jacket which is super attractive and have high-protection features.
Let’s take a look at the key features,


The best thing about this Milano sports gamma motorcycle jacket is, it is fully waterproofed and it will protect rider’s body during the wet and rainy season.

Comfort is a beautiful thing that everyone wants, similarly, a rider would be satisfied only when his or her jacket will offer proper comfort and Milano gamma jacket offers excellent comfort.

Another comfortable thing about this jacket is you can adjust jackets collar according to your need.

This jacket has a stretch panel from back of shoulders to upper torso, has adjustable straps to cuff, lower arms, upper arms, with that you can have perfect fit depending on your body movement.

This jacket has brush lining so it can adapt all weather conditions.

Things that keep this jacket cool and regulated are, two external vents on lower back along with zipper closure and two external vents on chest.
Besides that, it has two external pockets where you can put things that you would need often, like communicating devices, GPS system etc. and has a pocket inside the jacket for important things like a wallet.

You will see armors on this jacket which are CE approved, these armors will protect the rider from unexpected accidents.

Things we liked

  • Stylish.
  • Waterproofed.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Protective.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Extra pockets.
  • Well ventilated.

Things we didn’t like

  • You have to order this jacket one size larger than your regular size. For example, if your regular size is L then you will have to order XL for a perfect fit.

Should you buy it?

Of course, you should. This Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is the best motorcycle jacket for protection and it will suit every rider. It offers excellent comfort and protection. Has an attractive look, what else better you can expect from a jacket?


2. Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket | Best Armored Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket would be perfect for someone who is on a budget, who wants a riding jacket which comes with primary specifications at an affordable price. On the other hand, this is the best textileOpens in a new tab. motorcycle jacket you can have is such affordable price.

This jacket comes with a number of safety features and armors of this jacket is removable. According to price this Viking Cycle Ironborn jacket is an amazing riding wear.
Let’s take a look at the key features,


This jacket armors provide maximum protection and these armors are removable which let you decide, would you have those armors on the jacket or not.

This jacket is perfect for cold weather but when you will be riding on hot summer days you can remove liners so that it would able to keep you cool in hot weather.

Viking cycle ironborn jacket comes with a feature that would let you adjust cuff and waist, these adjustable features will make you feel comfortable each time you wear it.

It also comes with 6 points sureFit technology adjustment system which means this wear will get along with your body shape everytime you wear.

This jacket has a waterproofed Rock Tex 600 outer shell that will protect the rider from the rain. It is able to keep you dry even in heavy rain.

Things we liked

  • Waterproof.
  • Comfortable.
  • All weather jacket.
  • Affordable
  • Removable armors
  • Adjustable.
  • Provides max protection.

Things we didn’t like

  • According to some user’s zipper is not so smooth.

Should you buy it?

As we said before Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle jackets are the best textile motorcycle jacket you would ever find in such budget. It has all the feature that a perfect motorcycle jacket should have. This one is kind of all-weather jacket but performs better as a lightweight summer motorcycle jacket and spending on it would be wise.


3. Pilot Motosport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket 

Everyone knows the pilot is one of the best motorcycle jacket brands. This company provides original equipment to companies like Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and many others. The pilot company doesn’t produce a large number of clothes but that’s great because they can concentrate properly on fewer things which results in the better output.

Pilot Motorsport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Jacket is a stylish, durable and protective jacket, on the other hand, this jacket is one of the most popular jackets. Let’s take a look at the features,


This jacket is perfect for protection and ventilation, with the water-resistant liner jacket flows a fine amount of air and it is a comfortable thing for riders, especially for mesh-shy riders.

The Pilot MotoSport Men’s jacket comes in different color combinations, white and red, blue and black, each of them are very attractive.

Standard yellow and black color jacket would be safer because off yellow the rider would be seen easily at night when other’s will shine light from behind.

Armors of this jacket are all CE approved, which will offer maximum protection and this jacket comes with a technology called CFA (Core Force Active) armor technology for more protection.

Manufacturers have lower the jackets neck to 1 cm for a comfortable fit, this jacket is comfortable to wear.

Comes with Waterproofed Zip-out liners and also has pull-on TPU waist strap for comfortable fit and back-pad of this jacket is replaceable.

Things we liked

  • Waterproofed.
  • Protective.
  • Ventilated.
  • Stylish.
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable waist strap.
  • Lightweight.

Things we didn’t like

  • Ventilation process is not so good.

Should you buy it?

If you are casual rider then you can buy it without any doubt. This jacket is not fully a textile jacket or mesh jacket, this jacket is a combination of both. It is waterproofed but in heavy it may not able to keep you dry. If you often go for long rides then don’t choose this, this one is best for casual rides.


4. Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket 

Now we are reviewing another Viking jacket. Vikings all jackets are attractive in design and offers maximum protection, this Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket is not less and it is a perfect lightweight summer motorcycle jacket. It has a suitable style, it is protective, overall this one is an outstanding performer.

This jacket is constructed very well with high-quality materials so you can guess its durability. Comes with different color combinations, will suit everyone. Let’s take a look at its features,


This jacket has an interesting feature that is, is has inner cuffs inside the sleeve. These cuffs are built with an elastic synthetic material.

Well-constructed jacket, built with high-quality materials and it is very durable and comfortable.

The worst thing about any jacket is if you had to struggle with the jacket but Viking cycle warlock jacket has very smooth and durable zippers.

This jacket fits perfectly on anyone. It has two straps on each sleeve. Cuff straps, side straps, and neck straps.

After wearing this jacket, you won’t feel bulky at all. This jacket is very lightweight and has a perfect ventilation system, which made it one of best motorcycle mesh jackets.

Armors are almost invisible but a decent amount of protection. This jacket has lots of inner storage where you can store your valuable things.

Things we liked

  • Inexpensive.
  • Lightweight.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Inner storage.
  • Durable.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Sturdy and smooth zippers.

Things we didn’t like

  • This jacket won’t be able to protect the rider from a heavy crash.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a best motorcycle mesh jacket which also fits as lightweight summer motorcycle jacket, then this Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket (Black, Large) is for you. It is inexpensive and suits on body perfectly.


5. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket | Joe Rocket Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Now talking about Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s jacket, this jacket has few older versions, which are, 3.0 and 2.0 but this version 5.0 came with more features and modifications than previous versions.

This jacket is one of best summer motorcycle jackets because this meshOpens in a new tab. jacket lets air flow inside, so wearing this jacket on hot days won’t be any big issue. Let’s take a look at its features,


This mesh motorcycle jacket has a super ventilation system, jacket lets a decent amount of airflow inside, that’s what makes this jacket very comfortable for summer rides.

The jacket shell is made of heavy-duty materials and has a super design.

Like others, this jacket also has waist adjuster, because of that jacket can fit perfectly on the rider.

This jacket has two external pockets which close with sturdy and smooth zippers. These pockets are not waterproof and pockets are lined with mesh fabric.

The joe rocket mash motorcycle jacket comes with a stylish keychain hook holder placed on upper right placket and has a hook-and-loop covered slash pocket labeled along with a sunglass icon, placed on left placket.

Has sturdy and smooth zippers and has a locking pull. Zippers are not waterproof but very durable.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight.
  • Smooth zippers.
  • Keychain hook holder.
  • Durable.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Waist adjuster.
  • High-quality materials.

Things we didn’t like

  • According to few users, this jacket is little expensive but we think it is priced well.

Should you buy it?

This Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket is one of best summer motorcycle jackets, buying this jacket for cold weather would be the worst idea ever. This jacket has some amazing features, one thing we would like you to know that this jacket is not fully waterproofed. Overall this jacket is excellent for summer.


6. Viking Cycle Stealth Motorcycle Jacket for Men

Overview: This is the third time we are reviewing Viking jacket. No one can reject this Viking Cycle Stealth Motorcycle Jacket, this jacket is way too comfortable compared to other jackets. You will be able to move freely wearing this jacket and jacket is very protective.

Armors of this jacket are certified and offer maximum protection. Has waist adjusting feature and extremely lightweight. Let’s take a look at its features,


This jacket is made of 600 Denier breathable fabric which makes this jacket very comfortable and extremely lightweight.

Viking Cycle Stealth jacket is fully waterproof and its zippers are also waterproof. Zippers on this jacket are very smooth and study.

It has CE approved level-3 armors on the elbow, shoulders, and back. These armors are removable and provide maximum protection.

Like others, this jacket also has waist adjuster so you will be able to adjust the jacket according to your comfort level.

It comes with total 4 pockets, two are external hand pockets and two internal pockets.

Another safe part of this jacket is it has reflective liners across the breast that gives extra visibility to other drivers.

Things we liked

  • Very lightweight.
  • Reflective liners.
  • Removable armors.
  • Four pockets.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Waist adjuster.
  • Waterproof zipper.
  • Stylish.
  • Protective.

Things we didn’t like

  • Users are satisfied with this jacket but very few people are saying this one is expensive but we would say it is priced perfectly according to its features.

Should you buy it?

Though few people are saying this jacket is little expensive but good thing will be little expensive that is so obvious. This jacket has so many impressive features and its price is perfect. This jacket is super comfortable, well-vented motorcycle jacket, stylish, durable, and lightweight. Buying this would be investing in the right thing.


7. WONDERPIEL Men’s Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket Inspired by David Beckham | Best Leather Moto Jacket

Which things makes a best leather motorcycle jacket? You don’t know? Let us tell you. The best leatherOpens in a new tab. motorcycle jacket would have an unbeatable construction with high-quality material, wearing it would be very comfortable, will be durable and the obvious thing, it will look outstanding

. This WONDERPIEL Men’s Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket has them all. As the name suggests “inspired by David Beckham” this jacket is too classy and with a handsome motorbike, it will look more amazing. Let’s take a look at its feature,


This leather jacket is built from pure lambskin, made completely hand-picked materials so guessing its durability won’t be tough.

This jacket is very comfortable to wear and it can withstand in any harsh weather.

We said earlier, star footballer David Beckham did wear it in real life, this jacket is very classy and with a handsome motorcycle, it will look outstanding.

It comes with a stand collar and throat tab has two internal pockets and one front pocket.

The rider can use internal pockets for storing sunglasses, keys, wallet or other important things.

Zippers are very smooth, it has one zipper on both sleeves, and that makes this jacket more attractive.

Things we liked

  • Very durable.
  • Classy look.
  • Pure Lambskin.
  • Can withstand any weather.
  • Internal pockets.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Stand collar.

Things we didn’t like

  • This jacket doesn’t have protective armors.

Should you buy it?

People who are looking for the best motorcycle jacket for hot weather, this jacket is not for them because this jacket is not well-ventilated, it is perfect for cold weather. For casual rides, this WONDERPIEL Men’s Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket is the best leather motorcycle jacket you will find in 2018. As we said earlier, this jacket doesn’t have protective armors so its clear that it is not for saving you from a hard crash, without it, this jacket is an excellent performer. It is durable, made from pure lambskin, you will be able to use it in every weather and anywhere.


How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Jacket | Buying Guide


Just search on the internet you will find thousands of result about motorcycle jackets but how would you know which one is worth buying?
For your benefit below, we have shown some factors which you should consider before buying a motorcycle jacket and if you do we are pretty sure you would find the perfect one for you.


First and very important factor you should look for is jacket type. Do you know what type of jacket you need? No? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that too.

Racing jackets: If you are, a rough rider then racing jackets are for you. Racing jackets are usually made of high-quality leather or textile and these types jacket are fits tight and that is what offers full safety. This kind of jackets fit perfectly around wrists. These jackets are little heavy.

Cruiser jackets: These jackets are for summer ride, usually made from leather. They are very stylish and provide perfect ventilation. There is also some cruiser jacket made from textile.

Touring jackets: Touring jackets fit loose, they are perfect for people who take longer rides in changeable climates, besides that a good touring jacket will have some safety features that will offer full safety and comfort.

You should go for touring jackets, which are waterproof, and has feature removable liners. Touring jackets has a large number of straps so that you would be able to add or remove layers from it according to weather.

Few touring jackets also have built-in heating and hydration system and some have extra pockets for holding GPS system or other devices.
Adventure Jackets: Adventure jackets and touring jackets are almost same.

Adventure jackets are usually made from high-denier nylon and textile. These jackets are lightweight and provide full protection. Offers loose fit, comes with more pocket space, has a tough external shell also and like touring jackets you will be able to add or remove layers.

Motocross jackets: People calls this these “off-road” jackets also. If you often ride in dirt then this one is for you, they have abrasion resistant feature and provides high impact absorption.

Best off-road jackets would have interior armor and outer shell. Manufacturer uses durable material to make outer shell and because of that, If you fall in a very rough terrain and come in contact with any tree branches, a good off-road jacket will always protect you from them

Commuter jackets: These jackets are not very protective. Commuter jackets are for those who don’t take long rides, just need a jacket to save clothes from dirt. However, commuter jackets also provide protection.

All Weather Jackets: All weather jackets will have a feature that will offer you to add or remove layers based on weather. On the other hand, these types of jackets are lightweight.


Quality of jacket

Most bikers argue on this basic question that is, which material is best for motorcycle jackets? Leather or textile. Some say leather jackets are best and some say textile.

The truth is, this material has big differences and another thing is jackets durability depends on how that jacket was manufactured and which material they used. For a new rider, it would be very tough to recognize quality so seeking experts help would be the best decision.
Let’s see the advantages of different materials,

Leather Jackets: These Jackets are made from pure leather have a fine abrasion resistance and provides perfect protection. There is also different kind of leather if you choose calfskin or goat leather then go for those, which are at least 1.2 to 1.4 millimeter thicker.

Thinner leather would not be able to save your body from accidents. Kangaroo leathers are another perfect leather for jackets, they are very sturdy, an even thin layer of them works great.

Textile Jackets: Textile motorcycle jackets are made of fabrics like nylon. Some abrasion resistant varieties are also included in this like, Kevlar, Armacor, dynatec and 500- 2000denier cordura. These materials are outstanding for breathability and offer enough protection from cold. Textile jackets are waterproof also.

Jacket Age: This one looks like a normal factor but no, it is important. Before buying a jacket check the model’s age because older jackets don’t offer protection and comfort like new jacket offers.

Jacket Colour: Most rider’s favorite color is black, right? However, choosing a visible color will be safe to ride. In night black colors become invisible, becomes difficult to notice, which is very dangerous for a two-wheel rider.You can choose orange or standard yellow because these colors are noticeable,

if you don’t like these colors then you can go for jackets which have a large panel of reflective materials, these will be noticeable when drivers will shine the light on your road.

Well-constructed Jackets: Motorcycle jackets should be well constructed because of that they would be able to offer possible safety. To buy well-constructed jackets check these two things given below,

Zipper: Plastic made zipper or metal made that doesn’t really matter but zippers need to be very smooth to open and close. Zippers should be covered with fabric or anything for reducing the chances of extra injury if any accident takes place.

Seam: choose jackets, which seam are inside the jacket so they won’t make abrasion in accidents. Perfect leather jackets would have very few seams because many seams disturb the durability of materials.
Another important thing, back, and chest of the jacket would be made of single piece of material, don’t buy those which chest and backs are covered with sewn smaller pieces.

Comfort: Choose jackets with which you will be comfortable. Usually, leather jackets are little heavy and they are warm. Textile jackets are lightweight, in case of textile jacket check wisely if it is waterproof or not because if jacket absorbs water it will be very heavy.


Finally, it’s time to wrap up the article. We have provided you proper information’s and also reviewed 7 best motorcycle jackets, hope you have found one for you. We will be coming with more best products, so stay with us and till then goodbye.

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