Alcon Brakes Vs. AP Racing: Which One To Pick?

When it comes to choosing between the two most durable braking systems for street or racing, it becomes extraordinarily confusing. The Alcon and AP Racing brakes have a proven track record of performance, which makes it even harder to do an Alcon vs. AP Racing comparison.

The main differences between Alcon brake kits and AP Racing brake kits lie in their build quality and brake performance. Alcon is known for its robust build, while AP Racing offers a more modest construction. Alcon’s kits boast larger, thicker discs for superior braking, whereas AP Racing opts for slightly thinner, smaller rotors. AP Racing also stands out for its low-maintenance, quality features.

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Alcon Brakes vs AP Racing: Comparison Table

The Alcon and AP Racing brakes are the two top-of-the-line brakes in the world of street and racing tracks. Here’s a brief overview of the major differences between AP Racing and Alcon brakes.

FactorsAlconAP Racing
Caliper BuildStrong buildModerate Build
PerformanceOverall good road performanceHigh track performance
Security FeaturesLess featuresMore features
Disc QualityThicker and bigger discsThin and slightly smaller discs
PriceComparatively less expensiveVery expensive
Maintenance and ServiceRequires regular maintenanceLesser maintenance 

Road Performance

The monoblock calipers of Alcon brakes are known for their lightweight design. Besides, larger Alcon discs ensure better performance while braking on track in real-time. Moreover, in terms of durability, Alcon is far stronger than AP Racing.

However, AP Racing flexes more when used, giving it an advantage in terms of road performance. Another point to note is that the Alcon brakes use full floating discs, which reduce wear and fade upon rough usage.

Additional Features

When it comes to maintenance, AP Racing brakes overthrow Alcon brake kits. AP brakes come with pre-built dust boots for better protection of the caliper and pads from specks of dust.

Whereas Alcon brakes do not have any dust or weather seals. As a result, AP Racing brake kits require comparatively less maintenance.

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Disc Types

For better and stronger braking performance on the road, thicker discs play a vital role. Hence, Alcon brakes seem to be better, as they are comparatively thicker than the AP Racing discs/rotors. 

Thicker discs provide a robust bite from the calipers, which keeps the Alcon in a slightly better position than AP Racing. Besides, larger Alcon discs ensure better heat dissipation, increasing the durability and reliability of the braking system.

Materials & Quality

Coming to the caliper technology, Alcon uses Monoblock calipers, whereas AP Racing uses two-piece calipers. Although there are not many differences between these two, the monoblock calipers have a slightly upper hand in terms of head-to-head comparison.

The Alcon brakes come with rusty, mild steel pistons and crumbling bells. On the other hand, AP Racing uses Teflon-coated Aluminum pistons with proper dust boots, making them more reliable than Alcon brakes.

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Brake Kit Price

The cost of aftermarket brake kits is one of the major concerns for buyers. The AP Racing brake kits produce high-end performance brakes, hence, the overall price of the AP Racing brakes is higher than Alcon brakes.

However, it is to be noted that Alcon kits do not come with pads. Even if they come with pads, most users do not want the Alcon pads because of downgraded material. Thus, including the pads, the price would be almost identical for both brake kits.

Maintenance & After Sales Service

Alcon brake kits have some issues, such as the poor grade of Aluminum used in the bells. Besides, the steel pistons get corroded quite early in Alcon brakes compared to AP Racing brake kits.

You need to perform proper maintenance on the brakes now and then, including changing parts such as bells and discs for optimum performance. Be advised that the replacement parts for the Alcon brake kits are comparatively more expensive than those for AP Racing parts.

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Similarities Between Alcon Brakes And AP Racing

Since we have been through the major differences between Alcon and AP Racing brake kits it’s time to take a peek at the similarities.

  • Both brake kits have proven records of real-time track performance.
  • These brakes ensure effective thermal control and heat dissipation.
  • In terms of customizability, they both provide smooth customer support and interaction
  • AP Racing and Alcon brakes provide direct bolt OEM replacement.
  • High-quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel are used for every brake kit content in Alcon and AP Racing.

Alcon Brakes Or AP Racing: What Should Be Your Choice?

Although both Alcon and AP Racing are top-notch performance brakes with proven track records. But race enthusiasts prefer AP Racing brakes over Alcons, even though AP Racing brakes are quite expensive. 

The main reason for such a decision is the high caliber, good heat dissipation, and better biting by the calipers using quality pads and rotors. 

Moreover, AP Racing brake kits have a lot of additional safety features such as dust boots resulting in lower maintenance over time.

It is cheaper to replace the parts of the brake kits compared to higher replacement parts of the Alcon brake kits. 

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Check out the following queries from race enthusiasts to learn more about the Alcon and AP Racing brakes and choose yours more wisely.

Where are AP Racing brakes made?

AP Racing is a UK-based company renowned for making high-performance brakes for tracks. The manufacturing unit for AP Racing brake kits is located in Coventry.

Is it worth spending on expensive brakes such as those from AP Racing?

AP Racing brakes are made of state-of-the-art materials. Besides, the technology is designed for overall strong braking performance, lesser wear, and tear, and higher durability.

Is AP Racing owned by Brembo?

Brembo is a group of brands that owns many automotive parts manufacturing companies, such as Breco, AP, and Brembo. Moreover, AP Racing is a subsidiary of the Brembo group of brands.

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